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Infiltrator Central

Welcome Infiltrators and Visitors! This is a hub for Infiltrators, the more daring class in the world of Battlemaster. Here you will find helpful information about the class, player created guides and strategies, and a stats page that will contain useful information for veteran infiltrators, with the function of keeping track of your shady activities.

Class Basics

Here are basics that anyone should know about the Infiltrator Class

Class Description

It is for those with grudges, willing to take a risk.

What is the risk? All the actions of an Infiltrator are illegal and dangerous. You can easily be captured and imprisoned. When an infiltrator is imprisoned during one of these, the enemy ruler or judge has a unique option: Banish him from the lands. This will set the culprit free, but with a ban on him from the realm he was captured in. If he returns and is caught again, the deport and execute options will be open...

What exactly can an Infiltrator do? He can cause all kinds of trouble. He can damage the production of a region, or fortifications. He can try to break into the tax office or assault troop leaders in their sleep, trying to wound them. He can even block roads or damage bridges, slowing down travel for entire armies.

His actions are, however, harrassment. He can have only a smaller unit with him, making him less effective in an army (much like Diplomats).

Infiltrators can cause a realm a serious headache, and if not taken care of (by increased police activity, additional militia, etc.) a realm might even succumb to a "death of a thousand needles".

On the other hand, the infiltrators activities are most effective if coordinated well with the realm he is acting for. Damaging fortifications is the most rewarding if an attack is upcoming and there is a chance to do enough damage to make them drop a level. Backstabbing troop leaders is most effective if it means they can not participate in that crucial attack. Burning food in the warehouse does the most damage after a bad harvest - you get the idea. (Written by Tom)

Why become an Infiltrator?

  1. With minimal costs, you can do a lot of damage to your enemies
  2. You will operate behind enemy lines, which can be a thrilling experience
  3. Ever wanted to get even with that darn troop leader of XYZ? Why wait for the chance to meet him on the battlefield if you can meet him in his tent - in his underwear?
  4. You can take the bounties for the head of the people when seriously damaging them.
  5. Your actions are not limited by diplomatic relations. In fact, sending a few infiltrators in is a great way to wage war without declaring it. Until they are caught, of course, then you better have some plausible deniability. (Written by Tom)

Why avoid the Infiltrator Class?

  1. Dangerous. If you do not watch every step, you will find yourself in enemy prison very easily.
  2. Dangerous. If you were caught, they can torture you, break your hands and tight your muscles, taking down all the work you made to rise your skills.
  3. Dangerous. If you were caught once, and get caught again, the enemy ruler can take your life. Ouch.
  4. No rewards. If you were caught or spoted you would lose honour and even prestige.
  5. No rewards. You will need a lot of time to have 40 honour and will need to avoid prestige gain, only to see it not coming back anymore.
  6. No rewards. Your actions are neither honourable nor prestigeous. You will not raise any of these attributes, and you will not become famous or anything, either. (Written by Tom)

Other Information

Some other information that wasn't covered above.

Double Agents

Infiltrators are not restricted by diplomacy and can attack friendly and allied realms as well. In fact, they can even attack their own realm.

This opens the game for a lot of interesting possibilities. How about turning that captured Infiltrator around instead of beheading him? Many infiltrator actions leave not a trace as to who was responsible if they are successful. Travel delays is a great example... (Written by Tom)

How to fight Infiltrators

What can you do if your realm is being attacked by infiltrators? Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Militia and police forces - these will raise the chances that he is captured while travelling through your regions
  2. Traps. You could have your best swordfighter provide a "target" for an assault, and hope that he will run the infiltrator through when he comes attacking him. How do you make someone a target? That depends, but leading a crucial unit into an important battle would qualify.
  3. Infiltrators. The best weapon against enemy infiltrators are your own infiltrators. Because if they are in the same region, they can use the assault function to directly attack them. (Written by Tom)

How to Minimize Your Risk of Assassination

  1. Swordsmanship skill - defend yourself with your sword, be more skilled than your attacker
  2. More men - The more men you have guarding your camp, the more likely the infiltrator will be driven away
  3. Even more men (regionally) - The more men in your region, the more likely the infiltrator will get spotted (but not as great as above)
  4. Dig-in (unconfirmed) - Digging in allows you to familiarize yourself with your setting and the various potential weaknesses of your encampment, reducing the possible attack vectors
  5. Police - Policing a region will not prevent an assassination, but may pick up your culprit
  6. Scouting - Like policing, this will not mitigate an attack, but you may be able to spot lesser Infiltrators

Infiltrator Stats

Infiltrators can keep track of their activities. Needs some more work. InfiltratorStats

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