Humanities Hope

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Humanities Hope, or HH in short, is a guild dedicated to ending the non-human curse. If you wish to join, there is a guildghouse in Darhauyo and Fwuvoghor.

Guild: Humanities Hope HuH.PNG
""Una obviam malum". - "Togther against evil."
High Ranks: Founder {{{HR1}}} High Guildhouse Darhauyo
Uniter Of Man {{{HR2}}} Other Guildhouses: Fwuvoghor
Advisor {{{HR3}}}
Daredevil {{{HR4}}}
Counsel {{{HR5}}}
Proven Warrior {{{HR6}}}
{{{Rank8}}} {{{HR8}}} Student Ranks: {{{Rank91}}} {{{SR91}}}
Portal Closer {{{HR9}}} {{{Rank92}}} {{{SR92}}}
Warrior Ranks: {{{Rank80}}} {{{WR80}}} {{{Rank93}}} {{{SR93}}}
{{{Rank81}}} {{{WR81}}} {{{Rank94}}} {{{SR94}}}
{{{Rank82}}} {{{WR82}}} {{{Rank95}}} {{{SR95}}}
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{{{Rank85}}} {{{WR85}}} {{{Rank98}}} {{{SR98}}}
{{{Rank86}}} {{{WR86}}} {{{Rank99}}} {{{SR99}}}
{{{Rank87}}} {{{WR87}}} Aspirant Ranks: {{{Rank106}}} {{{AR106}}}
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Recruits: {{{Recruits}}}