Eye of the Citadel

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===Eye of the Citadel===


The Eye was founded to help Eston improve the process of gathering and analyzing scout reports, but soon fell into the roll of gathering intelligence. Currently the Eye is divided into 2 parts, War Time Intelligence (WTI) and Eye Central Intelligence (ECI).

The WTI branch of the Eye focuses on training and deploying scouts for the Eston armies during war time. It also focuses on gathering information on enemy armies, including following their movement and acting as advance warning to any armies that have taken up the offense against Eston. In peace time WTI will set up a patrol on Eston's borders to make sure she is safe and will know well ahead of time if an army tries to surprise her.

ECI focuses more on foreign intelligence gathering using our foreign contacts to help located and better understand foreign threats to Eston. With the information gathered the ECI intelligence officers can make detailed realm profiles that point out strengths and weaknesses of realms.

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