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A duchy is a political grouping of regions of a realm, ruled by a duke or duchess. Dukes are appointed by the ruler.

  • Rulers have the option to create new duchies. The option is found in the "Politics" tab. A new Duchy can only be created from City, Stronghold or Townsland regions. That region must currently have a lord who is not already a duke. The current Lord of that region will be promoted to be the duke of the new duchy, and his region will automatically be added to the new duchy. After creation, the duchy no longer needs to include a city, stronghold, or townsland region. In fact, the duchy does not require any regions at all to continue being a duchy. It will remain a duchy until the ruler dissolves it.
  • Rulers have the option to dissolve a Duchy that has no regions.
  • Rulers have the option to rename Duchies, at a cost of 50 gold per renaming.