Conditions For Survival

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Arcachon, nay the entire continent, with a few exceptions among nobles has forsaken the very of idea of true combat, or even how to fight properly, so battles have become a mere smashing contest between troop leaders, no stratagem or true skill applied. Of course this is good for your average young noble, since it requires little energy in terms of thought, or skill. But I, Haruka wish to change that. Teaching the skills and values I grew up with on the South West, and further refined as Holy Legate Of The Adgharhin Armies.

The Guild

Founded in Tuhpos, Arcachon by Marchioness Vanimedle family/Haruka it is currently a level One sized Guildhouse, with the only member being Haruka herself, though recruitment is under way.


Guild house Locations:

Roleplay Introduction

As you walk down the path that bisects through Tuhpos, the light reflecting Gold through the fields, you hear a scream, quickly cut of and followed by raucous laughter ... (To be continued)

What you may learn

Should you become a member there is a wide variety of skills we plan to impart upon you,

  • Torture - One of the best methods of interrogation, a noble act of cruelty. We plan on teaching you refined torture method on unwilling peasants.
  • Slaughter - Naturally we have to teach you slaughter, so few nobles these days have the inner strength to unleash a slaughter on an unwilling peasant population. And this is such a valuable tool in war.
  • Impassiveness to death - Soldiers need a strong leader in war, they will not serve any other.
  • enjoyment to chaos and battle - If you cannot enjoy the battle then you will never unlock the true potential of yourself, or be the greatest commander of your realm.
  • Calm headedness - In times of severe pressure and chaos one must know how to react and be able to think clearly.
  • Rape - ... One of the more controversial tools at the hands of a Guild member, but one we will encourage and teach nonetheless, mainly we have to teach you to inflict the most pain and get the most out of it, get the ratio right so to speak.