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Good evening, my lords and ladies. My name is Gale ThunderSpear, son of Borris Mea'cove, who changed his name to ThuderSpear after receiving enlightment by the great sun lord Solar . However, whether that enlightment was real or just an illusion, only the sun lord himself knows. I myself, am not a follower of the sun lord (in fact, I do not even know if I can follow the ideals of only one god). Sometimes, I cannot help but think that I should just choose to follow Infinity/Nil since, like them, I can't seem to make up my mind about anything. But I guess that as time unfolds, I should finally be able to choose a single entity to follow...

Duel Log

Here, I have recorded all my duels as of date; my wins and losses:

Duel Record

Weekly Log (Beginning)

Log 1

Log 2

Log 3

Gale's Notes

Hannibal's Reports --------------------------> Hannibal's Reports (Original Text)

Weeks have passed since I offered my services to the state and religion. After my visit to the Catacombs of Akesh, I have decided to follow the teachings of both Celestial and Solar ... However, I have decided to input more focus on the teachings of Solar because I am determined to become worthy of the Thunder Spear!

Weekly Log (After First Visit to Akesh Temples)

Log 4

Log 5

Log 6

Log 7

Log 8

Log 9