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A fairly new aristocratic family to the East Continent country of the Light of Fontan. The ThunderSpears is a family of rich weapons dealers. The head of the family, Borris Mea'cove (as he was known originally), claimed that he had been enlightened by the sun lord Solar and changed his family name to ThunderSpear in regards to the supposed "Thunder Spear" that was given to him by the sun lord himself. Soon afterwards, he had his son, Gale ThunderSpear become a knight of Fontan, and thus began the family's road to nobility...

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The family's rise to fame was swift and unexpected. Within a few years, the family counted two Dukes among its members, including several key governmental positions in Light of Fountain. However, their fall is just as swift. After the destruction of their fatherland, the members of this family seemed to have lost faith in the world and their faith in their religion has been shattered. Instead of trying to find a new explaination to the phenomenon that is the Thunder Spear, the family changed its name back to Mea'cove and soon disappeared from the politics of the East Continent. Gale was last seen on the ramparts of Avamar during the Sirion assault of the city.