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Aram of the House of Stien, of the Region of Chasnoff,
of the Duchy of Wayburg, Within the Great realm of
Abington. Aram, who now lives in the Great realm of Perdan
is the younger brother and twin of Brakus Stien who now
lives in the Great realm of Abington. They have a distant
cousin from the great realm of Antoza Commonwealth,
Perrin GoldenEyes Stien. Perrin is now a member of the realm Fronen.

Stien Crest.png

Aram started his Career off in the Realm of Abington with his Brother Brakus. It was a short lived career in Abington for Aram as he was contacted by Marquise Altmon about the needs of his Brother Bryce in the Realm of Perdan on the East Island. Aram was intrigued by the story of Perdan and the great Military they had. He decided that he would travel the seas and find out for hm self about the epic stories of Perdan.

Since his arrival in Perdan Aram has served under only one Duke by the name Screndt of the House of Faracan. he has served under two Liege Lords and the first was of course Marquise Bryce, and then Countess Balkeese. He has been named the region lord of several regions since his stay here in Perdan as well. They include as follows.

Date Noble Event
2006-01-18 Aram Immigrated to East Continent.
2006-01-19 Aram Joined realm Perdan.
2006-02-18 Aram Appointed as Count of Zawr.
2006-02-27 Aram Appointed as Count of Clermont.
2006-03-26 Aram Appointed as Count of Clermont.
2006-07-19 Aram Appointed as Count of Montauban.
2006-11-07 Aram Appointed as Count of Montauban.

Recently Aram has found himself in love with the Lady Balkeese and has asked for her to become his wife in the Tournament in Partora and she has accepted. He has also been given the honor of becoming the new Marshall of the Duchy of Aix Army, Appointed by Duke Screndt.

Date Noble Event
2006-11-22 Aram Appointed Marshal of the army of Aix.

Invasion of East Continent


Current Family Members at large:


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Sum: 6 points

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Prestige: 10
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Prestige: 20
Sum: 5 points