Stien Family

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Stien Crest.png
The Family Banner / Crest

"I have taken my scarlet war cape and bound the edges in gold. Others are rising up standards of Stags, Bears, Sharks, and Griffon's. They await for my banner. Let them see and under stand, we will no longer run the seas like a pack of hounds like a rabbit.

We wolves will not hunt such soft prey. Locals here are honorable and fair, We wolves will teach them, and guard them. We will especially take care too learn from them.

My banner will be one of Life.

Gold will be the trim, to signify color of greed of which we must beware.

Scarlet the field, to acknowledge the blood of our past.

A sun must dominate the center to show us our way.

A foaming beer Stien in the center, white as bone, too remind us to always be sturdy and true."

Sons of Atamara


Daughters of Atamara


Sons of The Far East

Perrin GoldenEyes

Daughters of Beluaterra


Daughters of East Continent


Old Records of the Stien Family History

In the corner of what used to be a small lavatory, now just a storage room or family trinkets and keepsakes. there is a dust covered Strong Box it doesn't look like it has been opened in decades.

Opening it up you discover it is full of scrolls made from fine animal skins well preserved and ready to be read. Each one is labeled but what are they who wrote them? Why are they down here and not in some study?

You will never know, or will you? maybe if you read them you can find out why or what they are. And, why they are down here in this forgotten corner.