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Kaylan is the daughter of Dorian and Karina McDowell. From a very young age her days were spent learning the ways of battle. She mastered the sword, bow, and every other weapon her father deemed worthy of attention. Her weapon of choice remains her father’s war bow, which holds extreme sentimental value. She was taught military tactics, the nuances of war and learned harsh lessons most small children would never know. She was molded into a warrior as is every member of the McDowell Clan.

She led a secretive, protected life, in direct result to her parent’s past. She is constantly hiding, and on guard, running from a dark secret in hopes that she will continue to escape another day for if she is ever caught, she will lose her very freedom.

Upon coming of age, her dying mother begged for her to do one last thing. Kaylan left in search of her lost step sister and so began her adventures in Fontan.

Kaylan received a warm welcome from the Nobles in Fontan, and quickly made acquaintances that would stay with her for a very long time. One of which was Sir Malcolm Bedwyr.

After her first encounter with Malcolm, Kaylan was intrigued and terribly attracted to the dark knight. The next morning she hurried to reach her men as they arrived in Oligarch. When she arrived she realized Logan was nowhere to be found. Malfurion Stormrage found the young scribe and saved him from trouble, to which he returned to his lady to inform her that the men who were after her where getting closer to her location. Not really knowing many nobles to turn to, Kaylan turned to Malcolm and sent him Logan in an effort to protect him. Although Malcolm didn't believe her ploy for one moment, he gracefully accepted the care of the young scribe, but he was able to get down to the matter at hand.

Now that Kaylan was alerted of danger, she tried to be more careful. Alone and away from her family she began to feel the pressure and was strongly considering asking Malcolm for help. Before she could, she met up with a strange woman and a familiar pendant. She thought she had found her sister at last, but she was mistaken.

Distraught with the news that the woman was not her sister, Kaylan left and came face to face with Malcolm. He then confonted her about the danger surrounding her, and she reluctantly admitted the truth to which he asked to become her shield brother, begging her to allow him to help protect her. Fearing for his safety, she hesitated, but reluctantly agreed.

After leaving Malcolm, Kaylan felt somewhat better and felt a sense of protection for the first time in her life. Upon returning to her camp she received an invitation from the Lady KatalynFae Dragul. They dined together and became fast friends. The Lady revealed having skills for runes and asked Kaylan if she would like to have hers read, she did, and was given a desirable fortune, one she only wished to have. KatalynFae also requested for Kaylan to be a maid in her wedding.

During the evening with KatalynFae a servant overheard their discussion and brought the information to Sir Hamilton Vita. He then wrote to Kaylan to inform her that he wished to dine with her and that he would extend his help. Kaylan was then staying at Count Ironsides' estate to attend Lady Karalynfae's wedding. Furious that he found out about what occured, they began an exchange of very interesting letters, which led to his departure of Fontan.

Malcolm who was also to attend the wedding, requested that Kaylan go with him. Feeling that if she let her heart lead her decisions she would only put his life in danger, she sadly refused.

During the evening, Kaylan still feeling the effects of refusing Malcolm, tried to drown her emotions in wine. Curiously she met with a fellow soldier, Fiona Onyxien, whom she felt a strong kinship for.

Lady KatalynFae attempting to bring two hearts closer, made sure to have Malcolm and Kaylan introduced. Little did she know was that they had long been introduced and an awkward silence ensued between them. Malcolm admitted how he felt and Kaylan returned his words. Feeling the effects of the wine Kaylan accepted Malcolm's invitation to dance. He swept her off her feet and soon Kaylan's inhibitions were near invisible. The night continued, while both nobles flirted with one another, and shortly after they shared a night of fiery passion. The next morning Kaylan woke, took one look around the room and realized what had occured. She thought Malcolm would leave her life after having counted a new conquest, but he gave her a delightful surprise and they spent the next day indulging in loving passion for one another.

Days would pass but soon they would see one another again. Malcolm of course making good on his promise of properly greeting her. Kaylan and Malcolm then go their seperate ways once again. Only this time Kaylan is almost pursued, but escapes.

Even though Kaylan met Malcolm, this did not stop her from searching for her sister. One evening, Aewyn Onyxien returns to see her with the truth about her pendant.

Aewyn fearing Fiona's reactions if Kaylan were to get to her first, gave her the news of her family herself. Fiona clearly upset then decided to confront Kaylan and here is revealed the dark secret that led to the McDowell's exile.

The warring in Fontan grew more intense at time went by, they were being attacked on many fronts. Since there were so many battles, Malcolm and Kaylan fought together and continued to spend time together when they could.

During one of these battles Malcolm was injured and suffered a concussion. No matter his injury though, he still managed to make it to Kaylan's tent for some comfort. While she took care of him, he whispered words she never thought she would hear, at least she never thought to hear them the way he said them.

Soon after Kaylan's cousin, Alec, made an unexpected apperance in Fontan, informing her he decided to stay which frustrated her no end, seeing as all he ever did was get himself in trouble.

Lady Aewyn then organized a masked evening in her new lordly estate and all the nobles were welcomed to join. Malcolm and Kaylan were both anxious to go.

After the party, the war continued as usual. The only difference was that the Chancellor had stepped down and there was much discussion for a new election. During this time, Kaylan was hit with a strange illness.

Dealing with her illness Kaylan tried to carry on as best as she could until she returned to the Capital, Oligarch, and met up with her good friend the new Chancellor, KatalynFae. While in her presence Kaylan had a fainting spell and was soon after given the news of being with child.

After seeing Malcom's reaction to the news, Kaylan was shocked and heartbroken. She left the estate at a run, but never returned home that night. The threat that had slowly drifted from her mind, was waiting for an opportunity and this time they managed to kidnap her.

Alec, Fiona, Zadek and Malcolm all went to search for her, or help. It was Fiona who left on her own, who finally did find her. The state in which she found Kaylan was heartbreaking for from that moment on, she would never be the same again.

After her brutal abuse at the hands of her captors, it took much time for Kaylan to build the courage and confidence to return to Fontan. Everyone thought her dead, therefore Alec tried to carry on with his life, and Malcolm unable to cope with constant reminders left. When Kaylan returned, she had much difficulty picking up the peices of her life.

She tried to live again, focused on the one thing she knew and could bury her heart into and that was war and battles. Although, no matter how hard she tried, she still experienced spells of madness she was unable to control.