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Raphael Ironsides

Far East

Knight of Azros

Upon joining the realm of C'thonia, Raphael found an estate in the capital city of Azros where he writes his poems, and reads his books. At the young age of seventeen, Raphael was appointed the First Captain of the Hammer of Thor army by King Thain Himoura and was honoured with the pleasure of meeting the King and the Imperial Inquisitor, Duchess Deianarah McDowell.

During the takeover of Hatdhes, Raphael and Queen Deianarah met up for a meaningful and defining conversation.


Receiving a letter from his older brother Bowie, Raphael learned of the great event occurring on Beluaterra. With desire to participate in the Fourth Invasion, he emigrated from C'thonia to Beluaterra and began his quest to battle the Scourge.

Shortly after his arrival in the capital city of Enweil, Fengen, he was propositioned by the outlaw Perrin for the unique item the Battered Jacket from the North. For one piece of gold and a recommendation Raphael became the first owner of this armour. Not too long after, when Raphael was imprisoned by Monsters after one of the battles of Fengen, the beast Justice robbed him of this unique item. Justice then gave the armour to Power. It is now the owner of the Battered Jacket.


On the 3rd of August, 1010, in a massive defense of the city of Fengen against monsters, Raphael the Master Poet, at the young age of twenty, was killed. His remains were never found in the ruined city.