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C'thonia traces its lineage to the realm Nighthelm, and seeks to reclaim the lost territory of Nighthelm, in order to restore the realm to its previous state, and so that C'thonia may once again take up the name Nighthelm, which has been forbidden from use by the Elders until a time that the ancestral homelands of Nighthelm are regained.

The official state religion of C'thonia is The Order of the Elders. It is forbidden by law in C'thonia to found a new religion, or to partake in the practice of the Trinity, which is considered heresy and is punished by death by burning. Recently, due to actions taken by a High Priest of the Church of Sartan, the Church of Sartan has been banned within C'thonia. Daimon worship, the Church of Nergal and the practice of faiths deemed evil are also forbidden.

The King is the absolute power in C'thonia, but he is charged with ensuring the personal freedoms of the nobility are safeguarded when and where possible. King Thain Himoura is the reigning Monarch, and his claim is currently the only recognized claim on the throne of C'thonia/Nighthelm.

The Royal Succession

Dueling Rituals