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You may be looking for the Ikalak defeated before the South-East Island reset.


Ikalak, also known as the Realm of the White City. Ikalak City is the capital of a lush and beautiful realm in the north of the South-East Island. Ikalak is a republic, ruled by a Prime Minister and his council.

Current Council

Ruler: Jack
Judge: Freda
Dukes: Daveaut of Ikalak


Judges Treaty


Ikalak - Daveaut

  • Kietrem - James
  • Korlok - Lestat
  • Wellaf - Lawrence


The TLs of Ikalak enjoy the competition of battle, so much indeed that they have incorporated an internal friendly competition of counting hits made in each battle. It is know as the "Helmet" Competition. Sadly the records are no longer updated. Here are the last known results.

The Fallen

  • Louis Jeff (died: 2007-01-23, Killed as a hero in battle at age 35), Battle Report of his death
  • John Kelly (died: 2007-05-04, Killed as a hero in battle at age 18), Battle Report of his death
  • Igor Ishimu (died: 2007-09-13, Killed as a hero in battle at age 22)
  • Thoid Motab (died: 2007-12-07, Killed in a duel against Edwin the Honourable at age 28)



Ikalak Ball


Attack on Ikalak City.

IkalakBanner.gif IkalakBanner.gif
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Location of Ikalak
Continent / Island South-East Island
Capital Ikalak
Largest City Ikalak
Government System Republic

Jack Carnes

Region Numbers 5
Population (3rd)