Ikalak (Old SEI)

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Ikalak, Realm of Champions

A Realm on the South-East Island. Ikalak's capital is Ikalak city, located in the northeast of the island.

Government - Republic

Current Council

Ruler: Morgoth

Judge: Grig

General: Castamir

Dukes: Quixote of Ikalak


Because of the nature of the South-East Island, there are always two realms with some kind of alliance to fight the third. Right now Ikalak is that third, and is fiercely defending its borders against the aggressions of Sandalak and Taselak. Ikalak's enemies are finding it hard to make progress against Ikalak. Sandalak has taken some regions but now that the army has been reorganised, they have found it to be alot tougher then they bargained for and Taselak has pushed into Ikalak and tried to bring down the cities walls, which they've succeed because to a single noble's incompetance, but only to a point, now the two foes are in total belief that Ikalak will fall, But history has not yet been written...

Honorable Mention

Balerion - Noble, executed by Taselak for being a traitor

Alfonzo - Hero, died in battle of Ibyp against Sandalak

Lorien - Hero, died in action

brulaap - Hero, died in action

Emmitt - Hero, slain while on surveillance missions behind enemy lines

Adalbert - Hero, died in battle of Abykal Oct 21 2005

Galric - Hero, died in battle of Abykal Oct 21 2005

Josie - Hero, Died in battle defending city of Ikalak

Update: This realm has been effectively wiped from the face of the island, though its memory still remains with those who joined either Sandalak or Taselak. The troop leaders who once defended the White City have broken off into either of the other realms, or left the island to seek their fortunes elsewhere.