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A Glimpse of Thulsoma

In the Spring of 11 YD, I had the pleasure of spending some time in Storms Keep. I journeyed there to meet and interview Ruler Sigrun Lurdigala (whose proper title I cannot pronounce) and Mistress Haruka Vanimedle' for my new project on the northern war.

To the superstitious, this land will put a chill into you. They have the habit of leaving the Liberonian dead lying about in Torrents Breath and Storms End which makes for an awful scene journeying to the capital. There are also many torture devices on display in public, which I am certain are actually in use and not just for show. I was often cold because of the weather, which was an uninterrupted cycle of bleakness, rain, and sun blocking clouds. The nobles there also do not give warm welcomes to foreigners. Fortunately for me, after arranging for a visitors pass, I had permission to enter safely.

The Thulsomites are an interesting lot worth meeting at least once. I would describe them as insular, strictly obsessed with their culture and religion, proud and stubborn, and mainly fully devoted to their realm. A small minority is not so fanatical, but they would be considered the weaker elements by the majority. They feel a sense of superiority towards their neighbours, especially their enemies, and outright refuse to associate with concepts foreign to their realm. They, like many realms, simply desire peace and stability to nurture their realm and do not wish for expansion. All of the Thulsomites are prejudice against the Liberonians because they consider this a war of subjugation and land theft.

While I believe their position on Northnastrond is precarious to the strengths and wits of their enemies, up to now they have been holding their ground laudably. In fact, they earned another victory against the Liberonians while I was present in their capital. I did not receive a battle report and so won’t report on how major the victory was, but I was assured that defeating these invaders was routine practice for them. It was clear to me that they were confident in their defensive position.

A realm that seems mysterious and esoteric from the outset is actually as functioning and active as any other realm. I encouraged the Thulsomites to defend and expand their religion and culture but advised them to consider other diplomatic options, ones in which they did not readily agree with. I am glad they are members of the Nifel Peninsula and I sincerely hope they persist long after this war ends.

Bowie Ironsides,

Spring of 11 YD (or the 25th of August, 2010)