Dubhaine Family/Ciarghuala/Roleplays/1019/October

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8th October

Spring Evening -- Poryatu


The night was coming and Ariana could not see the ground anymore. Better stop and rest a while after that long way searching for a Sage. It was worth it. Both uniques where fully restored in her bagpack.

"Now its time to give The Whispering Scythe back to whom it belongs and I believe that Lady Tyra Andrasta is that person" said Ariana to herself, looking one more time to that awesome piece that was one more time shinning. It was not the first, nor even the second time that Ariana has it on her hands. Lord Cador used to ask her to repair it a few times and she lost it once in a battle with undeads. Fortunatelly they dropped it at same region and she was lucky to find it before any other person.

The Whispering Trumpet was also in her bagback but she didn't decide yet whom to offer it.

9th October

Spring Evening -- Poryatu


Undead... Too strong... Almost die... Torrent Breath. Breath dangerous. Do not breathe. Do not come.