Dubhaine Family/Cathal/Letters/1014/January

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June 6th - The recapture of Bode Batura

The people seem to enjoy your story, and you manage to raise their spirits. Morale rises by 9 % to 64 %. Your story also causes the citizens to become more patriotic.

I told them the old tales, of our long march north into exile and of the portents we saw on route. Many mocked us when we said "Minas Thalion will stand once more". None mock us now.

I well recall the desperate march north to settle the wilderness, the betrayal by our own countrymen who couldn't keep the faith, the destruction of a Lukonian army at the ramparts of Drenga, and then the desperate war with Outer Tilog (Realm). For many months the flesh-eaters threw their mightiest against our small band and we repelled them until the full force of their realm broke upon us and the peasants fled in terror.

Then unlooked for great Khagistar put in the heart of Lukon's Queen the very seeds of her Empire's destruction and Minas Thalion's rebirth. She who had always succoured our enemies in Oritolon (Realm) now conspired to bring them to heel, and the Lord of Hosts fanned her pride even as his hand was raised against her. Armies that had marched undefeated for a generation now learned the bitter taste of defeat and all seemed lost.

It was amidst such slaughter that My Lord led me to Lukon and there through his grace and wisdom I secured the victories from which our rebirth sprung.

Aye, a tale of such power and scope that the playhouses of the north will rejoice in its telling.