Dubhaine Family/Brigdha/Roleplays/2020/January

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4th January

Summer Evening -- Abadan

Lindow Moonsun

The sun was rising on the side of the mountain, when the sound of the steel collision invaded the royal gardens of the palace. Lindow was currently having breakfast.

- Have the fighting started yet? - Lindow asked while taking a toast with ham and cheese from the plate.

- No, highness, they are noblemen who have arrived and are warming up before the competition - one of the servants replied.

At that moment Captain Edmund arrived at the salon.

- Majesty! - He made a bow - The preparations for the tournament are ready, we have three places for drinks, one for mead, one for beer and the last for wine. On the music several troubadours have arrived with new songs of stories of the continent. In addition, some puppeteers have set up a small theater to represent their works.

6th January

Summer Day -- Abadan

Lindow Moonsun

The final round was about to begin. Lindow was sitting in a raised structure next to Daunae and protected by several guards, around there were places where nobles sat, while the peasants had to stay up.

Suddenly the two combatants entered, each carrying their best weapons and armor. Lindow stood up and said:

- Shadowdale sons and daughters, this is the last day of the majestic Tournament, today we will see who of these brave ones will get the prize. When I lower my hand you can start the duel. May good fortune be with you. -

The drums rang while Lindow held his fist up, and suddenly he lowered it ...

while the final round was played, the atmosphere of the tournament was still as the first day. The three stalls of beer, mead and wine were full of people since they had opened, the troubadours were still applauded for their songs although some songs had already been repeated from other days, and the theater performances continued surprising those interested, among which there were faces repeated.

After a long duel, Kiera finally won the victory. The audience applauded that magnificent final. Lindow got up and said:

- Congratulations, Lady Kiera and Sir Foxen! You have given us a great final -

Lindow looked to Kiera and said:

- Now Lady Kiera come here and take your prize -

Daunae got up too, took the shield and offered it to Kiera.

12th January

Summer Day -- Abadan

Kiera Cavendish

Captain Walbrecht gave a low whistle. "That's a lot of troops!"

"Indeed. Let's go see what they are planning."

Titus Foote

Resting upon a small hill overlooking the farmlands of Abadan was the makeshift fortified camp that the Sylkvorian Pikemen completed just today. Inside his tent at the secured center was Titus. Rays of light from the setting sun bled through the thin cotton canvas. With the eternal source of illumination Titus went through the pile of letters. His eyes gleefully skimmed over the finely crafted words. A smile pushed his cheeks aside as the intriguing intent was exquisitely illustrated by the author. Titus carefully set the parchment down and grabbed his writing paraphernalia.

19th January

Summer Evening -- Supra

Peter Göttlech Recht

Captain: mi'lord, mi'lord we found your family engravings in the deep of the catacombs, below the city surface.

Peter: Are you sure Captain?

Captain: Aye Sire, most of it is in ruins but we could clearly see the words written in the obsidian stone under the Castle.

Peter: Excellent news!

Peter: Great work Captain!

Captain: May the Shadow protect us all mi'lord!

Peter: Back to work Captain, there is no time to waste!