Dubhaine Family/Aoifa/Roleplays/2018/December

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26th December -- Dark Citadel

Kane Dragul

Kane stood on the balcony of his manor. The sky was clear and the stars burned brightly. Suddenly another light caught his gaze. This was no ordinary star. It burned much more brightly, a red light perhaps a guide or beacon on this quiet night. Suddenly the light plummeted headed straight for him. He clearly alarmed by this strange light, drew his sword taking a defensive stance. The light did not envelope him as was expected but landed in the middle of the court yard. An enormous man, stepped out of a brightly painted vehicle which was pulled by horned creatures of some kind. They were somewhat familiar, but he just shook his head. As the creatures stood there eating the grain the man had given them, the source of the light became apparent; the nose (if you could call it that) glowed brightly with a red light. It lit the courtyard though there were no torches lit.

Beside the man in the courtyard, another man landed. He appeared to be riding a horse with eight legs! The man was dressed all in grey, with a hat pulled down over his eyes. The men embraced then started unloading packages from the brightly colored vehicle. Soon the men remounted their transportation and they flew away.

As they left Kane was sure he heard one shout “merry Christmas to all, now Kane go to bed!

31st December -- Dark Citadel

Mordiggian Schwarzherzig

All through the lands, all was quiet. Not a sound could be heard. No slayings or beatings, not even a riot. The peasants swing gently from their gallows, creaking gently as the winter wind blows. Then, with a sudden roar, the wind whips into a frenzy, like a battlefield ever so bloody.

A great honking is heard, but on Aquilakah's eve, there is no one to disturb. A scream pierces the night, and one can hear the sounds of a fight. Joy has come to Aren, as Aquila comes to visit again! She rides upon a mighty wargoose, and upon the lands she lets loose, bringing instruments of torture and war, to good little Aren boys and girls, whether they be near or far.

However, those who do not appease the Twice-Slain best be wary, for in her wrath she is quite scary. Gifts of jam and bloody sacrifice will stay her hand, but those who fail will decorate the land! Blood and entrails as far as one can see! But however can this be? It is an Aquilakah miracle! The jolliest time of year! When Aren gives gifts, like destruction and fear!

Now it is Aquilakah Day, and the Twice-Slain must fly away! Until next year when she comes again, to celebrate in bloodshed and sin! Presents are opened and joy is had! YET ANOTHER YEAR FOR AREN TO BE BAD!