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December 24th - Alebad

Aoifa Dubhaine studied her handiwork with a justifiable sense of pride. Who would have thought hands skilled with a sword would take so well to bricks and mortar?

When her company had disembarked that morning they'd found signs of the privations suffered by the war-torn land of Alebad. Even in her far-off home of Atamara rumours of the titanic struggle were abroad, a promise of adventure that Aoifa had found irresistable. Little had she anticipated that the adventure would start with the building of a brick wall, but courage is not the only virtue required of a knight and Aoifa had never been scared of a little hard work. Not that all of the men and women under her command were quite so happy to be toiling like common labourers, but despite the grumbling they drew comfort from the sight of her well-bred features plastered with sweat and grime...