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Portrait of Margrave Godfrey Greybrook.
Status: Active
Continent: Beluaterra
Realm: Obia'Syela
Class: Warrior
Age: 17
Honour: 27
Prestige: 7
Title: Margrave of Avengmil
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Brown
Weapon: Longbow
Unit: Heraldrim Watch
Army: The Sapphire Flame
Religion: Heralds of Obeah
Guilds: N/A
Unique Items:
Realms Served: ¤
Estates Held: ¤
  • Knight of Rines
  • Margrave of Avengmil
Armies Served: ¤
  • Knight of the Sapphire Flame
  • Lord of the Sapphire Flame

Chasing the martyrdom of his cousin's demise, Godfrey brought once more family Greybrook to Obia'Syela. Navigating the internal turmoil of the Theocracy in transition, Godfrey is finding faith in his cousin's shadow while attempting to find what path he should truly tread, not the one that is prescribed for him. Currently, Godfrey is the Margrave of Avengmil.

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