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The or base azure martlet volant argent heraldry of Greybrook family.

The nobles of family Greybrook claim they come from a long line of seafaring highborn, making their name in variety of professions from military work and politics to be finally awarded with the title of noble family upon the death of Charles Greybrook. With their ancestral home in Giask, Greybrook nobles are now present in numerous realms across the continents. Notable traits of the Greybrook family include a good training and grounding in military affairs, politics, socialising and a desire for unique items - embracing their heritage as traders as collectors of times gone by. Nevertheless, as with every family, each member is different in their desires and beliefs but all commit to upholding the family name. As per tradition, when a noble commits to an continent, their focus is entirely on where they live and the family gives them the autonomy to grow, thrive or wither. For better or for worse, this is the Greybrook way.

Look over the horizon to find your fortune. Whether there is honour, glory or disaster, you will never know until you look.

– Family Greybrook saying


Solomon Greybrook

Solomon Greybrook is the leader of family Greybrook. Starting from humble origins in Giask, Solomon obtained a decorated military career in Luria Nova advancing through the ranks facing the rogue hordes as Earl of Dantooine. Believing in the opportunity in the west after Dantooine was over-run, Solomon became Founder, former Stratarch General and Ruler of Tol Goldora. For the majority of his life in Tol Goldora, Solomon worked tirelessly to ensure that Tol Goldorans returned to the Farrowlands during the continental spanning Gold Sea Conflict. Now with the war's end, Solomon looks to guide the Oligarchy into a new chapter where the realm can thrive.


Ferdinand Greybrook


Seeking spiritual solace in Beluaterra, Ferdinand came to the shores of Obia'Syela to seek his spiritual purpose in life with the Heralds of Obeah. Starting from humble beginnings, Ferdinand matured as both a man and spiritually. Rising up through the ranks in the armies of the Theocracy, he earned his positions as Marshal and then Grand Templar through dedication. During his military service, he participated in multiple climatic spiritual and political events such as the Violet Storm. After the assassination of Eva Foote, he was elected as Grand Master of Obia'Syela in particularly troubling times. Ferdinand died at the peak of the war between Obia'Syela and the Novan/Vale alliance at the battle of Glongin. A true martyr for his cause, Ferdinand will never be forgotten.

Godfrey Greybrook

Chasing the martyrdom of his cousin's demise, Godfrey brought once more family Greybrook to Obia'Syela. Navigating the internal turmoil of the Theocracy in transition, Godfrey attempted to find faith and his path in his cousin's shadow. Alas, with the war against Nova and the sacking of Grehk, Godfrey realised that despite the receiving the region of Avengmil, his place was for now not within Obia'Syela. Godfrey now is trying to find his own path and faith, away from southeastern Beluaterra.

East Continent

Alexander Greybrook


Alexander too wished to break away from the ancestral home and found himself in Perleone. Making his presence quietly known, he rose through the ranks of the civil service and was granted ambassadorship of Perleone and the city of Al Arab. Serving the city for years, Alexander grew greatly dissatisfied with the Perleoni Empire and their involvement in the continental war. As a strike of defiance, the former governor defected to the brief realm of Anraheim. Wishing to leave the south, Alexander advised in Eponllyn as Ambassador and Count of Morshes for the Phoenix Queen and King Ryndhal. After the King was protested out of office for pursuing peace with the south, Alexander left Eponylln with a heavy guilt. This drove Alexander to give up his worldly possessions and duel Ragnvald de la Fere to prove his innocence. In a spur of luck or undiscovered skill, Alexander killed Ragnvald in a death duel. Finally relieved of his guilty and innocence, Alexander retired back to Dwilight where he now serves Solomon.

Andreas Greybrook

As the second noble from family Greybrook to set foot on the East Continent, Andreas attempts to make a future for his wife Mirabelle and their new born son in the realm of Vix Tiramora. Upon his arrival, he caught the eye of the Lord Vixir and passed a series of challenges en-front of him, earning the respect of his peers to govern Eldoret. To the point, cutting but fair, Andreas pursues his ideas with gusto without reservation.

South Island

Cellini Greybrook


Cellini insisted on travelling to the South Island despite his potential succession to the Dwilight patriarchy. Quickly recognized for his talents, Cellini became the second judge of Ikalak. For some time, Cellini ruled over the law system in the Beppo worshiping realm until he was wounded and graciously did nit seek re-election. Continuing his fine work, Cellini was appointed the Duke of Toren Stronghold and founded the Collectors Ritual Hall to support gold distribution. Cellini died from his wounds after a great battle and cavalry charge.

Douglas Greybrook


A keen admirer of Cellini, Douglas raced to the South Island to continue the Greybrook legacy in Ikalak. Quickly becoming lord of the Cave of Guilt, Douglas hopes to live up to his former idol's expectations. Yet, he never did. As Ikalak collapsed around him, Douglas in his blood lust attempted to jump over the walls of Toren's Stronghold only to be slaughtered by bowmen.

Fame Box


FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 0th Day
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 10th Day
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 100th Day
FB Duke.png
FB Lord.png
Sum: 11 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 40
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 5000
Sum: 8 points

FB Guild & Religion.png
New Guild & Religion
Sum: 6 points

FB Death Duel.png
Death Duel Prevalence
Sum: 6 points

FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
Sum: At least 1 point

FB Unknown.png
Sum: At most 2 points

Total: 34 points

OCC Notices

Note 1): I play each character as a different branch of the Greybrook family. What this ultimately means is that each character exists in their own continent and cares little for what else goes on beyond that said continent. While they may know of other continents or even other members of family Greybrook, each character's relationships and interactions are based on the relationships they physically form or inherit from IC reasons.

Note 2): Information shared as part of this wiki family is for my own record keeping but for other players to enjoy. I urge the strongest balance of IC and OOC divide when viewing it. My characters may refer to parts of the wiki IC, this makes sense. However, if your character wouldn't know about a event that occurred with that character, please don't abuse it.