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19th October

Summer Day -- Nascot

Kiera Cavendish

"I must say, I've never seen anything as funny as that tower come collapsing down, with all the acrobats' heads splitting open," Kiera laughed to her companion. "Much funnier than that silly play about that Erik person."

She sighed. "Shame that one handsome one broke his neck like that. Such a waste!"

29th October

Summer Evening -- Brive

Alyssa Kingsley

In Brive

Alyssa rode silently through the Brivan countryside surrounded by the army of Perdan, the finest warriors she had ever known. She sat stiff in her saddle, finger tapping nervously on the horn. This will work She told herself. It has to. Sirion was here and with their forces, the enemy host was larger than hers by a number. She wondered if Lyanna was among them, or if she had stayed behind to tend to her people she loved so dear. For Aly, she was nervous. She prayed this plan of hers would work.

"My Lady Imperatrix" she heard from her captain, Tanner, who rode alongside her. She appreciated Tanner a great deal. He was a loyal man, the loyalest of all her unit who had been with her since she had first been knighted over a year ago. If this one's blood was noble and true he could make a fine knight. She considered. "What is it captain."

Tanner pointed up to a hill around which the Western road winded. A lone horseman stood holding a banner atop the knoll. "They are here my lady." He said with a gulp. Alyssa studied the banner curiously for a moment before she realized what the lone rider was flying. Her face turned to horror before she looked back to her captain. "We must withdraw immediately." She ordered.

"My Lady?" Tanner asked as the distant silhouettes of a hundred men appeared over the crest of the Brivan knoll. The sky was overcast, the bright gray clouds hanging over the Imperial army. And then the sky became dark as a hail of arrows were loosed from the hill.

Suddenly, like a flash, men began dying all around her. Her white mare reared as soldiers wailed and fell and died around her. As Starlight stood on her back two feet, Aly tried to hold on but the mare slipped on the blood that was now beginning to pool on the battlefield. The horse fell and Alyssa fell with it, she hit the ground with a thud and felt a crunch on her shield arm. Her pained yells were drowned out by the death surrounding her. Starlight, seemingly uninjured from the fall, leaped back up and began to run from the battlefield. Alyssa grunted as she tried to pull her foot loose from the stirrup before the beast could charge away but her kicks were useless and the great white beast began to pull her through the blood and grass of the battlefield. She could feel her armor scrape against the mail of fallen soldiers as she was dragged at speed over their corpses. After some fumbling she took the knife at her hip and cut through the leather strap holding her leg in place, freeing her as Starlight charged through the melee and out of sight.

Alyssa slipped on blood as she tried to stand, the burning pain in her left arm overwhelming her senses. As she got her bearings she hear the clank of steel on steel and the shouts and groans of men. She shook her head and pulled out her sword as a foe charged at her speartip pointed at her gut. Her instincts kicked in she sidestepped, the spearhead glancing off her side, as she lowered the pommel of her sword onto his head. As he stopped suddenly, stunned, she ran him through the stomach with a cry before pulling the blade back out, and leaving him on the ground to die. A sword came at her out of her periphery, and she her the old master-at-arms in her ear. "Back, then parry. Not too close girl." She took a step back and caught his blade with hers, He was stronger, but Alyssa had the advantage and she kicked him in the stomach. The man stumbled back and she brought her blade with a quick slash into his neck. He yelped in pain as blood oozed from the wound and he fell to his knees.

An onslaught of foes came battering her into her own soldiers, she killed several men before taking a mace to her stomach. Alyssa crumpled to the ground and vomited. Then she winced as she felt another soldier's foot kick into her useless arm. She swung her sword wildly and must have hit some man as blood fell across her face. The fallen man crawled away as Alyssa tried to stumble back onto her feet.

This spearman's thrust was true however, and she didn't even see him coming as he jammed his longspear into her side, where the mace had previously dented and battered her armour. She screamed in pain as it stabbed into her belly. He pulled it out and then she screamed again as the spearman's head was lopped off by another who vanished back into the melee. Alyssa fell to the ground, bleeding as the battle raged around her. She looked up and watched as the clouds were beginning to part above her. She saw the blue skies and the sun beginning to peer through the overcast skies. It was beautiful.