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Hi - I'm Max, player of the Kandurell Family. One of my favourite parts of the Battlemaster experience is collaborating to produce a living breathing world, so I enjoy making wiki contributions to that end. The game's fantastic; I'm here almost solely for the roleplaying experience, and Battlemaster provides a better and more persistent platform for that to occur in that any other online medium I've come across.


Sacred is the Spring of Sasat
To the Holy A-e-nil
So-urce of the river tha-at
Allows us to drink our fill

Aenil grant us Wisdom!
Stoicism too!
Let us each Honour our Kingdom
Every day through and through

Sacred is the Holy City
Known to us as Idapur
There we travel to seek sanct'ry
From the bitter strife of war


Sacred are our Holy Churches
Where we praise the higher plane
Our thirst for sp'rts the priesthood quenches
The Aenil's nature they do explain