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Monster Compendium of Dwilight
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Detailing Ten Monsters Detailing Monsters Since 1008 Updated By One Nobles
Found In Two Realms A Poryatown Press Publication With Two Reporters

The Monster Compendium of Dwilight is a constant work in progress that will detail many, if not all the monsters found on the island chain known as Dwilight. As new lands are being explored and more beasts discovered, we expect this project to grow immensely, but we are determined to keep up as much as we can. As this is a Poryatown Press Project, all new additions will receive some renown in each of the Press's publications.

Recent Additions

August 17th
Kneevil, Greater Spotted
"The Greater Spotted Kneevil is a fearsome beast, living either alone or in small family groups. It is easily twice the height of a man, and it walks upon four legs. With brown fur and black spots, it somewhat resembles a massive lion or hyeena. Its huge jaw is quite capable of eating a man in two bites.

"Kneevils prefer to live in caves near the surface, or failing that enlarge hollows in the landscape. Recently they have found a liking for large manmade buildings, like barracks and warehouses. They are extremely territorial creatures, dangerous when threatened, and have been known to cooperate with the undead."