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Located on::Beluaterra
Part of::Ar Agyr
Part of::Havilmark
Aibhlidhn Dubhaine
is regiontype::Rural
North Tundra
Farming, Hunting


The region of Tepmona lay on the nation of Fronen's northern border, and was considered the heart of the Melhed Circle. To the west it is bordered by the mountain ranges that cover the region of Qual and to the east are forests and tundra. Tepmona itself is a fairly harsh land covered in vast tundra that give way to deep rivers and lakes, many filled with the frozen waters that run off the nearby mountains. In the south it is rocky with sparse vegetation while the land gives way to hills covered in grass and shrubbery as it moves northward.

Culture and Folkflore

The people of Tepmona are a hardy folk that have great love for their land. The men spend their days hunting, fishing, and protecting herds of goat, which is one of the most important parts of Tepmonan society as it provides clothing, food, as well as the material to make water skins or other products. Meanwhile the woman help tend to the herds and the home. When not hard at work the people of Tepmona are quick to drink and sing. They are a predominantly pagan society and worship the spirits of the land. They hold several festivals to honor the spirits throughout the year, particularly during the passing of a season.


The last Fronen Count of Tepmona was Weland O'Neil. Despite being born in another land, he found much in common with the hardy people of Tepmona and they with him. He considered Tepmona his home and cared for the land and the people deeply. Though there was the occasional complaint about taxes, the people of Tepmona hold their lord in high regard and are always pleased to see him travel about the villages of the land or attending a festival. He was also responsible for the construction of the 'Dragon's Flagon' tavern. It was meant to symbolize the completion of reconstruction efforts after the second Invasion and is the center point for social activity in the primary part of Tepmona.

Before Tepmona was part of Fronen starting at the end of the Age of Blood, it was a vital bread basket of the Melhed Circle. Lost in the first Fronen war, the Tepmona people stayed true to their religious roots, and with the fall of Fronen in the third invasion, was once again brought under the wolf banner.