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Magnus Ironsides

East Continent

Magnus lived in an estate in Zawr, was a Knight of the Imperial Guard Army, and a devoted follower of Ramsus in the Church of Ibladesh until the collapse of his faith and the destruction of his realm. Afterward, he joined Perdan hoping to rebuild his life. During his stay there he heard the call of Lord Khodym Laegan who desired to emigrate to Beluaterra and recover his home region. Agreeing with the cause of fighting the daimons and rescuing Lord Khodym's home region, Magnus swore himself as sword brother to Lord Khodym and joined him in Enweil. He declared himself a hero and put his sword right into the fight.


Arriving in Enweil Magnus immediately saw the ravaged effects of the Fifth Invasion. Enweil was the imminent target of the daimon Overlord and when the daimon horde sacked the capital Enweilieos Magnus was captured. In a dark and filthy dungeon in Jobo's Mouth, Magnus was starved, robbed of his gold and tortured. His sword arm was crushed during the first torture session and he went a little mad as the misery continued. While in prison, after his second or third torture, he wrote two letters to Overlord swearing that he would kill the daimon and then eat him. Not too long after the last torture, Magnus escaped from prison.

After his escape, Enweil was completely overrun by horrors which caused Magnus and Khodym to flea to Riombara.

Swordbrother Khodym Laegan was killed in battle against Midnight of the South in Uscala. The upset and grieving Magnus swore revenge against the beast, adding it to his already standing order to eat Overlord.

A short while later, in June of 1012, Magnus fought in the Second Battle of Ardmore and witnessed the death of Midnight of the South, the same daimon who fought and caused the death of Lord Khodym. Magnus rejoiced along with the rest of humanity! Overlord was already dead by this time, having been defeated and killed in the Third Battle of Unger.


After the Fifth Invasion, Magnus' heroic life became dull and without stimulation, so he decided to retire from public life and return home to the East Continent to become a minor noble. Maybe he will marry and father children too.