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Located on::East Continent
Part of::Perleone
Part of::Al Arab
Freyr Erickson
is regiontype::Rural
South Highlands
Farming, Fishing

Zawr is a Rural region in the southern highlands on the East Island. It is located on the western shore of the Great Southern Sea just west of the city of Al Arab. Zawr was formed from the splitting of Dayr az Zawr during the Great Eruption.

The region of Zawr was created long before the modern ages began. However, under the rule of an unknown king, it was united with Dayr and it created the region of Dayr az Zawr. However, a civil war broke out when the East Continent was in chaos. The people of Dayr and the people of Zawr longed to indipendence, and after the civil war they got what they wanted. Much blood was spoiled though.

When Zawr was a part of Dayr az Zawr, there was a flourishing trade. Dayr az Zawr had a port, and it was the entry into the Great Southern Sea (the sea located between Itorunt and Ibladesh). The civilians of Dayr az Zawr were rich, and everything was calm.

However, war broke out and the people of Dayr az Zawr abandoned their work to fight in the army. This resulted in a huge drop of population, and the economic activity was almost reduced to nothing. The Zawrians however, were with more then the Dayrians. Much more, even. And when chaos was over all of East Continent, there was a civil war.

The civil war took many many lives, but was "won" by the Zawrians. They claimed independence from Dayr, and were granted so. Zawr is now a potential flourishing region, however the wars and the looting do not give the people the change to create economic activity again.

For a long time Zawr has been exposed to foreign pillagers and other barbarians. Thus, during the Great Southern War it has been often changing realms and the population has been severely reduced. However, with the might of Ibladesh rising Zawr has been retaken by her rightful owners.


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