East Continent/Great Southern Sea

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The Great Southern Sea

Prior to the Great Eruption


The Great Southern Sea is located at the southern end of the East Island. This inland sea was cut off from the ocean during the Great Eruption. During this time of upheaval, a land bridge was formed between Dayr az Zawr and Nimraw. Dayr az Zawr was split into two separate regions, Dayr and Zawr.

The Great Southern Sea is known for its warm waters and its sea life, the clams being a delicacy in local inns.

Another name given to this land feature by Itoruntians is Lucian's Lake. They have named it after the man at the forefront of the political pressure at the time, and current king, Lucian Vincent. However, the name is currently only a local one.

Major cities on the coast of the Great Southern Sea include: