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Family achievement

FB Judge.png
(Lansour - Riombara)(04/10)
FB Banker.png
(Lansour - Riombara)(09/10)
FB Lord.png
(Lansour - Avengmil,Rii)
FB Duke.png
(Lansour - Duke of Rines)
Sum: 5 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 5000
Sum: 7 points

FB Tournament Host.png
Tournament Host
FB Trader.png
Feed the Starving
(Lansour - 17.1.1011, Citizen is grateful as starvation is ended by your food-selling)
Sum: 5 points

FB Death.png
Sum: 4 points

FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
(Lansour - Leadership)
FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
(Kendrick - Bureaucracy)
FB Unknown.png
(Kendrick - Infiltrator deported?or unique item? 20.11.1010)
Sum: 3 point

Fame total: 24 points


Date Family, originates from Viseu of the East continent, currently have 5 renowned members to fight for mortal fame on the lands of Belutta and East continent. With their family culture rooted from far east, most of the Date's decedents speaks slightly different from the local noble. Loyalty to realm and family expressed in their career usually let their family members earn wide spreading influence and respect from their enemies as well. Serving Riombara over two generations, started by Kakeru Date, the Date family now considers the republic as their second home.

First Generation of the Dates

Kakeru, Date

Class: Hero
Age : 32 years (Deceased)

The first youth of the family came from Coimbra before Krimml was lost to the hordes of Oligarch. Part of a remnant of a broken realm he decide to pursuit a new life in a new world, rather than relying on unreliable Fontanese. Slowly he fought well on the battlefield of Riombara, and won him fame and glory over the great sea.

During his voyage to the new land, a band of loyal guard follows him. Kakeru met these men in the recruitment center in Athol Margos, bit by bit the knights came to trust Kakeru's commanding ability and faith in them, and choose to devote their lives in guarding Kakeru on the battle field. Old Jack, the eldest veteran and the calmest one in the band, swore fealty to this foreigner.

{L|R} Kakeru's Chevalier (12) take 274 hits in close combat, which cause 8 casualties, causing panicked flight among the survivors, 2 additional men get slaughtered during the retreat.Kakeru, Marshal of the Lion Rose has been killed.

He is now forever sleep beneath Glongin, the piece of motherland he used his life to defend for. His wishes are unfulfilled, as one day he would like to be the duke of Irombro, after the removal of the rebels and Riombara's mighty army once again dominate over the Southland. His illegitimate child, Kendrick (Previous named as Otto Kakeru the second), who took his father name as a middle name after hearing the miserable news, was now heading to Riombara from Viseu, for continuing the legacy of his father.

Position held:

  • Marshal of the Lion Rose,
  • Former lord of Rii,
  • Former Marshal of Army of the Sun


  • Sword - Moderate (35%)
  • Jousting- Amateur (25%)
  • Leadership - Strong (40%)

Asuliva, Date

Class: Warrior/Infiltrator
Age : 35 (Retired)

Slightly elder than Kakeru, he decide not to follow his brother's path for success. Over the Lands of Atamara he choose Abington as his second home. He tried to be a bureaucrats, but his battle nature drive him back to become a normal soldier again. With his beloved mentor Elantus assassination, he is glowed for the moment, as he can hardly found a reliable friends among such a huge realm.

He was the first tier of adventuring noble serving Morek in Twilight, however, as his age came up, he decided to retire, and focused in raising younger generation at their family's estate.

Deported to the Far East - Asuliva's event

" Ibladesh.... What an awful place for me... "

Ausliva jumped off from the boat and yelled once he steped on the soil of a new realm. He does not trust the realm he is entering through a simple letter from his cousin, Alexander, who's still an low-profiled adventurers earning his own living in this country, but obviously he has no choice.

After months of torturing within the jail, his leg are no longer as nimble as he once was. Ausliva still has fury in his eye, and still eager to revenge through his endless murdering of any Ibladeshians he found in this city, though he was unable to do so.

The judge took all the bond and gold from him, a once loyal infiltrator who is banned and deported because of doing some mischef on the roads between Perdan and Kalmer Island, and charged him for plotting agaisnt Ibladesh...

Ausliva refused to flash back anymore, as his heart is broken. He managed to grab himself some noble's outfit, with money he saved hardly during his career in Abington, and head towards the council for searching his new identity as a new knight.


  • Sword - Amateur (40%)
  • Infiltration - Moderate (30%)
  • Jousting- Amateur (25%)

Lansour Valon, Date

Class: Warrior/Chevalier
Age : 65 (active)

Adopted the middle name of his grandfather, he wished to have a unique adventure on the lands of East continent. At first he serve Fontan as self-exercising movement, after the victory over Oligrach, Lansour Valon answered his middle brother's call to serve Riombara, and devoted to save it from her jealous neighbour. Slowly by slowly, his fame on battlefield has made him promoted to the post of Great Chamberlain of Riombara.

Actively involving in the third invasion and forth one, Lansour's influence is wide spreading as being core members of advisory council and military council.

Magical Item held:

Position held:

  • Advisory minister of Riombara
  • Current High Treasurer of Riombara (Sept 1010 to now)
  • Former Great Chamberlain of Riombara (Nov 1009 to Apr 1010)
  • Former Marshal of the Lion Rose
  • Former Lord of Rii
  • Former Lord of Avengmil


  • Sword - Amateur (20%)
  • Jousting - Strong (40%)
  • Leadership- Distinct (60%)

Second generation of the Dates

Kendrick, Date

Class: Courtier/Infilitrator or Warrior
Age : 51 (Active)

As the only son of Kakeru, he starts his adventure in Atamara. However the collapse of Abington has driven this young men to another realms with greater hope. And now he serves under Sirion, and hope to develop his career by pens and sword. Meanwhile He dreams to visit Riombara, the realm of heroes which his father and uncle sacrificed their lives to fight for, but his road will be a tough one.

Currently he works in the shadows under guidance of his uncle, Lansour Valon Date, and serves the realm in low profile.


  • Sword - Amateur (25%)
  • Infiltration - Strong (50%)
  • Bureaucracy - Perfect (90%)

Position held:

Alexander, Date

Class: adventurer
Age : 25(?) killed by monster

Aetius, Date

Class: Adventurer
Age : 31 (Active)

Being the illegitimate son of Lansour and his maid, he is difficult to be respected from peasants and his fellow noble. Bored about constrain in his life, one day he wish to experience a adventurous life over the great sea. Finally he chose Twilight as his first stage, and start his career as adventurer.

Recovered Magical Items:


  • Adventuring - Strong (60%)
  • Sword - Distinct (61%)

Leonard de, Date

Class: Warrior
Age : 20 (Active)

Son of Lansour Valon Date. Now serves Cathay as their young knight.