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Located on::East Continent
Part of::Caligus
Part of::Fontan
Robin Shepherd
is regiontype::Townsland
East Coast
Farming, Manufacturing

Description 1

Viseu is well known for its strategic value as home to several important recruitment centers. It is also the home of the Flow of the Balance.

"Moving through Viseu, Willy sees the townsland area it is beautiful. In a small village in Viseu you can hear the sound of families talking at the table, the sound of the fire crackling, the sound of kids at play, the sound of silence. The grass green as far as the eyes can see with some trees every once in a while. The leaves on the trees were brown as they fell to the ground. The flower's peddles fell as the flowers began to die. A chill went up Willy's back, the sense of something bad about to happen. Willy looks back in time to see a man have his head cut off. The blood went every were as the killer fled the scene. The victim's child just got home to find her father's corpse. A terrible day at that to see such a event."

- by Willy Cobain

Description 2

Viseu is one of the biggest and wealthiest townslands on the continent.� It has picked up from all its surroundings.� From the mountains and mines of Evora and Akesh Temple provide stone and potential mining, the badlands which cover a small portion in the south of the region and the vast woodlands of Braga which spread into the region give way for hunters and logging.�

The peasants here take pride in warfare but specifically melee combat and an abundance sign up for the army.� It bolsters two different types of elite troops who in turn focus on either offense or defensive combat.� Both are highly trained and decently equipped.

Being wealthy Viseu is eyed by many kingdoms so the peasants here have become wary of outsiders and frown upon them.

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Economic Sector Workers Quality
Farming 31 % substandard
Manufacturing 24 % average
Logging 15 % substandard
Trade 12 % average
Hunting 11 % bad