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  • 2007: East Continent - Ibladesh elects Quake Beam as their new Pontifex. Quake Beam had previously served as Pontifex in the past and this election would come following Lady Sorcha stepping down from the position due to health reasons. Shortly after his election, Quake would hold a tournament in Ibladesh citing the following reasons: in honour of Lady Sorcha, celebrating his election, and celebrating his 1000th day in Ibladesh.
  • 2008: East Continent - Fontan elects Alise Athins as their new chancellor. Alise's election came two weeks after the Krimml Incident which saw the rise of The Ravenger to the position of Chancellor. The Ravenger was imprisoned just a week after the Krimml Incident which enabled Alise to be elected to Chancellor. The next election for Chancellor would see The Ravenger defeat Alise in a tight election.
  • 2012: Beluaterra, the Fifth Invasion - After having vanquished Riombara in Rummannen, Midnight of the South laid waste to Droxago, Lopa and Kuugl, slaughtering all in his path. On this day in 2012, Riombara would finally confront him in the 1st Battle of Mio Dupaki - and even though the battle did rage for some time, Riombara was defeated. Still, another 100 of the feared daimons were slain, leaving a front rank of 210 after Riombara's third battle against Midnight of the South.