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12th March - Bode Batura

"The Trinity were surely with us these past few days," Isaac shifted the pack on his sagging shoulders, relieved to see the northern border on the horizon. As a scribe of the Temple the long journey had taken its toll and he was glad that their small party would soon reach the relative safety of Bode Batura.

"The Trinity are always with us Isaac, it is our own shortcomings which so often obscure that fact. I think however that these Oritolon colours have played their part as well, giving us free passage through Abaka and Alebad where I had expected stiff opposition," Cathal shaded his eyes as he studied the open plains ahead. Around him clustered a handful of the faithful, gathered in great secrecy from the parishes of the South for their knowledge of the ancient scriptures. None of them knew the purpose of the perilous adventure upon which they were engaged but their faith was a burning fire in their hearts and they answered the call without question.

The last few miles melted away and with the border now behind them Cathal cast aside the borrowed finery of his former enemies. The war that had so long wasted the energies of his countrymen was no longer a concern and he was free at last to teach the undiluted revelation with which The Trinity had entrusted him. But the years had not been wasted and he was now fully prepared for the conflict which loomed large in the North. It was there that the Church Militant would face its true test.

"My Lord?" a deep voice interrupted his thoughts. It was Casimir, one of the Templars from Irdalni, a survivor of that terrible night of madness when Denarien had burned the Temples and sought to drive the reformed faith from Alowca.

"I'm not a Duke now Casimir. The Dragon Scales fly over Alowca and we who survive are bound not by oaths but by faith and friendship," Cathal placed a hand on his shoulder, "In any event, to the Gods our worth is in our deeds not our titles."

Casimir considered these words for a moment, "The Gods themselves have anointed you and thus you will always remain My Lord, title or none."

There was a long pause.

"Whither go we now?"

"North my friend, through the haunted forests of Outer Tilog and thence where the Gods decree. The Great War looms and we are called to testify."