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I'm a forty-something I.T. professional from Scotland and have been playing the Da Hadez Family in Battlemaster since the end of 2004.

I played Dungeons and Dragons extensively in my youth and have never lost my love of Role Playing Games, particularly the creative aspect.

Because of it's social nature, light-weight, depth and lack of mindless grinding Battlemaster is the only online RPG I've really found to suit me long-term. In truth, though, it's the high calibre of the players that really makes this game for me.

After five years of showing patient interest in endless rambling stories of my characters' exploits in Battlemaster my long-term girlfriend, Paula, (storm) finally conceded to the inevitable and started playing the Tempest Family in 2008. It is a complete coincidence that I married her a few weeks later.


I'm in the UK so Battlemaster Time and my time are usually pretty similar.

I'm pretty busy with family and other things so my activity varies.