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Thulsoma has chosen to merge with Summerdale and Averoth and create a united kingdoms of the north. Constant monster invasions finally led to this conclusion and the northern kingdoms felt that they could get more done if they cooperated. War was not an option. The northmen have a very difficult life and must make tough choices in order to survive. Long live the Kingdom of Bloodmoon in the hearts of all who served her so loyally. The end

Thulsoma was created by a group of defectors from Virovene during winter of the sixth year of Dwilight. Who had grown tired of the inept leadership in Virovene.

Thulsoma is in need of more nobles to help settle our lands, fight off monsters and fill important government functions along help with this wiki page design. Join up! The kingdom of Bloodmoon needs you!

Some would mistake Thulsomans for madmen or equate madness with random acts of insanity violence mayhem and unpredictability... They would be wrong about Thulsomans. Soman' madness is the celebration of the arts, the warrior poet and creativity. Though there is times in the month when a 'Soman will act in madness it is only after eating the 'Bloodmoon' fruit as an act of freeing their minds and cleaning their thoughts so as better to worship the Bloodstars and learn to see the stars and universe in a different angle or dimension.

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Thulsoma is bordered by sea in the north and the river called torrents breath by the south. Its western side is field and from the tower of Storms keep all can be seen for miles and miles. No access is available from the eastern sea for it is in perpetual storm. Storms keep is always wet and dreary.

Thulsomans are artists and eccentrics, they are fiercely independent and spend almost all their time involved in artistic endeavour. Their Fortress is covered in all manner of wicker art and flying silk like kites and stilt walkermen, music that has never been heard floats through the fortress courtyard. It is very much like a circus, a party where none sleep. Where drink and licentious behavior spills out on the narrow streets and central courtyard. The surrounding lands are equally bizarre and there is many strange sound machines and whirling things howling in the wind to scare off trespassers. The entire population takes create joy in mock military displays and paegentry. The soldiers are very individualistic and wear colored clothing , with weapons that look more like ornate ritual weapons than actual weapons of war... But, anyone who thought that would be wrong, for the swords men in Storms keep are exceptionally well trained and serious about the defense of Storms keep.

Thulsomans are followers of all the stars in the hierarchy of Sanguis Astroism, for only a madman would acknowledge that there is only one star in the sky. And only one that guides the many moods of mankind, one must not always rely on madness, for that would be mad and that would mean sane as sanity implies predictability, so all the stars must be followed. Their king has been accused of heresy, this is not something to be taken lightly. Yet, one must ask why and where and about the stars, study ever so closely. For as each of the three stars is united each star is able to speak if one listens ever so closely. Ultimately the holy prophet in Corsanctum is the great voice of reason and is greatly respected in far and insignificant Thulsoma.

Dress and physical appearance of a Thulsoman Are more savage in appearance because of the harshness of the northern climes. They will tend to wear animal skins or a random mix of scavenged clothing. Some will be completely naked before running into battle. Within their ranks will be a mix of people, for a Thulsoman cares not for a persons skin or where they come from. Thulsomans also enjoy heavy tattooing or scarification, body paint or jewelry. All one needs to be a Thulsoman is state that they are and run with them, work hard and have honor for your fellow noblemen.

Adventurers are people of high regard in Thulsoma. Their tales are worth more than gold. All traveler are welcome and encouraged to visit Thulsoma at least once.

Storms keep has the feet of the King Glaumring Apasurain and Randemicos Pope with Sir Sygrum carved into the center stone of the courtyard to symbolize the carnation of King Apasurian and the founding of Storms keep. All subsequent kings will also have their feet imprint carved around the same spot to show their solid claim to Storms keep for all time and their solemn vow to protect it with all they can.

Thulsoman land claims

1. Storms End

2. Torrents Breath

3. Valldir

4. Norrdir

Festival of Storms end Corsanctum, A.D. 1009, at the 85th day of the blessed rule of our Holy Prophet, marks the day that Thulsoma officially was cleared of heresy charges. On this day wine in poured into the river Torrents breath as an offering to the holy prophet in Corsanctum. Bloodmoon is eaten in the evening and singing continues through the night. The Bloodstars happen to have been all rather dark on this day and most of the singing is about the wishes of the people to see the return of the blood stars. Austere dark Auspicious Waning Maddening dark superior

Historic dates and events

10??-05-18: Sir Sygrum Priest of Sanguis Astroism defects to Corsanctum abandoning his people.

10??-05-19: Monsters attack and pillage Storms End. King Glaumring and General Randemicos and the collected nobles fight to defend their lands.

10??-05-22: Peace declared between Thulsoma and Holy Corsanctum. Celebrations were held for that day and all was well.

10??-05-25: Knight Davior Runevan joins Thulsoma. Monsters assault the Storms keep. Storms End is near revolt and everyone retreats, Randemicos alone fights from his manor.

10??-06-12: Ambassador Aelwolf Burson of Corsanctum arrives in Thulsoma to much fanfare. The Fortress first pallisade is completed in his honor.