The Blood Cult/Myths/The Primal Daimon

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The following is a tale of the first daimon, ant the time where the Xenotl fled and sought refuge.

The Xenotls had run far and wide to escape their angered brothers and sisters, and were discouraged when they arrived at the steps of a grand mountain. "What are we going to do?", they wondered, knowing they had no time to run around it or to climb it as the Xelatl were not far behind. Suddenly, they heard the mountain whisper to them: "Come, my children. Into the cave of Nethitlpl which lay before you, arrive, and to safety I will bring you." The Xenotls marched in, suspicious of who it could be though they had little other choice. Before them lay a great dragon of enormous proportions, barely fitting into her cave. "For your past actions you deserve to be eaten where you stand", she roared, "but I will not be the one to aggravate what you have started." She then led them to a grand sky-lit well. "From the Well of Nethitlpl, you can reach the shadowlands, a place cold and dark like no other which shall be your asylum and your prison. There, you will live forever, but you will never return, lest the Xelatl find you again. As the Xelatl arrived, the Xenotl reluctantly agreed and entered the shadowlands while she spat a great column of fire from her mouth to chase the Xelatl away.

As Foatl's humans began to die off, a division among their ranks occured. Those who were ready to change and adapt learned to fly took to the skies. As the weak simply died off, a faction of more zealous and conservative people decided they would take their fate into their own hands and undertook the mystical Great Trek the Xenotl had taken before them to seek the Great Dragon's protection. At first reluctant, she finally agreed to protect them. "You will become my children, I will protect you from the sun and you shall serve me until the ends of time. You will serve and provide for me, obey my every whim, and I shall grant you the key to the well beyond which I will grant you land to build yourselves your new homes." Having been abandoned by the other deities, they agreed and became the Dragon's Laymen which, with time, became the word Daimon.

The Great Daimon, as she began being called, had offered humanity a sanctuary but was a cold and ruthless mother, reserving all the males for herself. After thousands of years, the Matriarchs grew weary of her domination and wanted the rights to chose the men for themselves and give birth and to govern without her their social and personal lives. And so the matriarchs took up arms and came to her Mountain Throne, drew their swords, and fought heroically. But they were no match for the Great Dragon. In one stroke of Her terrible claws, they were torn asunder. Knowing her contract with the daimons had been voided no matter what, she decided to let them live, leave back through the portal, accepting that her fate was to forever be betrayed. Having been weakened and no longer able to repel the Xelatl should they come, she decided to roll up and slumber in the Well, effectively blocking the gate between the worlds.