The Blood Cult/Initiations

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The Beginning

Roleplay from Louis-Joseph Chénier
Message sent to everyone in Gaxano
Louis-Joseph was at the spot, the very same place he had sat in ages ago. The springs were still there, still crystal clear, and next to it he could see the rubble that used to be a strong and proud step pyramid, his temple, his very first. He had been so proud at the time, just as he was now, for it was finally the time for things to truly begin. The weather was rather good, the air was a little cool, at this altitude, and the air was dry, a slight breeze whistled through the mountains.

This was a grand event for them, the first time it was truly done. For the first time since their founding, human sacrifices were finally going to be held for the gods, and hundreds of followers had gathered. It almost seemed as all the followers of Gaxano had come, but he imagined some from the neighbouring regions had come as well. In front of the shrine, 4 wooden pillars had been erected, and victims captured by the followers had been attached. Louis-Joseph found it a little crude, but he did with what he had, since the altar was probably broken in many pieces and deep under the rubble, if it had not been outright stolen.

The atmosphere was for festivities, people was dancing and celebrating all around, far from society, they could perform their rituals untouched. Music was being played, some local music he recognized, being typically dominated by percussion instruments and pipes. This ceremony was to be held in the honour of Arcane, who had, after all, financed this given shrine, and with who he could spread his faith in central Beluaterra, as, after all, he mostly preached different gods in other realms, as while he was a part of the pantheon, the world wasn't his dominion, only Vlaanderen was, and knowing man, he doubted that would change.

His priestly robes were slightly dragging on the ground as he approached the to-be victims, and he picked up an flint knife. He turned to the crowd, raising his arms, and shouted: "Friends! Friends, listen to me!" The noise started dissipating and people could be heard telling others to silence themselves. Louis-Joseph waited a bit longer, so that they may hear him.

"Friends, followers of the gods as they have shown themselves to me. Today is a grand event, today we fufill our duties, as taught to mankind so long ago by the serpent goddess Hiacaotl, we assume our sacred duties to the gods, and ensure the flow of blood upon this world, so that not all lands are as barren and lifeless as these peaks." There were some whispers in the crowd, and people nodding, Louis-Joseph raised his arm to regain silence. "Today, we honour the Living God, these sacrifices are made to Arcane, who has personally seen to it that our word spreads in this part of the world as it grows in others. With his might on our side, we shall no longer suffer the persecutions of old!" There were some cheers in the crowd, and they seemed to be getting euphoric. "Long have we hid in the shadows! Long have we been to many but a name on paper! Our temple, our very first, the most sacred of all, lies right there, behind you, in rubbles! Cast down by those who want us no good, cast down by those who care but for their church and not the will of the gods and better of mankind! Today, we show we are strong, and with the gods on our side, we fufill our duties!"

There were more cheers in the crowd, recent converts are always the most pious, they always have a certain need to show their dedication. He could have used this zealotry for persecution, but did not think it wise. Other faiths were only interesting for him if they wished to discuss theological matters, at this time, he had enough of the religious conflicts.

He walked up to the victims, and, one by one, in their cries of agony, he plunged the dagger in their abdomens, slicing to the diaphragm, inserting his hand in the victim's body and ripping out the heart, presenting it to the crowds as it was still beating, the victim dying, the blood squirting a bit everywhere and going down along his arms. Ah he ripped the hearts out, he would put them in a receptacle, which a follower would then bring and place at the altar.

The festivities resumed as he left, finally satisfied. He would have loved to remain for more, but he had other issued to attend in the west.
Louis-Joseph Chénier (Teocoatl of the Blood Cult)

Initiations to Membership


  • Glenn
  • Vistuvis
  • Aran


  • Danzi
  • Innoova
  • Cargazar


  • Nicolas


  • Lelith
  • Nnaoj
  • Tyshia


  • Valachi
  • Reffelian


  • Alec


  • Malfurion

Initiations to Priesthood


  • Aran
  • Glenn
  • Innoova
  • Vistuvis
  • Valachi

High Priests