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The Panther Claw Academy in Isadril is the official military school of Fallangard.

Every aspirant troop leader has to join the Academy and proof there abilities and knowledge on a level suited for their place and rank. The School is fully financed by his Majesty the King, managed by the Head Master, elected as the head responsible for the Academy's finance and overall performance.

Exams are taken in order to raise in Rank and depending on the gained rank, become officially permitted to fur fill certain roles, like troop leader, Marshal or a leading role in the academy as a Mentor or Master, teaching students and taking exams. More of this is explained below. The the first exams are fairly simple, but make sure inexperienced nobles learn all the basics they need.

A Mentor (and in the case of higher levels, a Master) is always actively involved in teaching the students assigned to him by the Headmaster.

The goal of the school is to keep a high level of military performance and guarantee the competence of its realms leaders. Everyone is welcome to join, yet foreigners are expected to pay for there education, Nobles from Fallangard are obligated and thus free of charges.

Famous foreign Military leaders or strategists are invited to join and get paid for holding lectures or better, becoming a Master of the Academy.

Rank System

Your rank is based mostly on the level of education with some minor exceptions. Besides the Guild ranks, the King and High Marshal of Fallangard are held in special regard and there wishes highly respected acknowledging there extraordinary influence on any decisions made by the Masters or the Head Master. Most Ranks are taught basic and or advanced military subjects, with the exception of Mentors and Masters, who are also taught educational values and basic guidelines for teaching and taking exams.

Head Master

  • Responsible for academy finance( directly requesting the military matters council)and overall performance.
  • Can make changes in the academy and or what is taught.
  • Takes exams for generals with its master.
  • Appoints masters from the mentor or general rank.
  • Head master is voted upon by generals/mentors.
  • Has to be a member of Fallangard.
  • Gets a monthly grant of 200 gold.
  • The Government of Fallangard may request to demote a member at any time, which the Head Master is his duty to do.


  • Teaches Strategos and Marshals, takes exams for all grades except generals, which it takes with the head master.
  • Appointment from head master upon request from either side and at least has taught or taken the exam of three nobles as Strategos Mentor.
  • Gets a monthly grant of 100 gold.

Mentor Strategos

  • A mentor who achieved the rank of Strategos through education.
  • Only they can become Masters of the Academy.
  • They Teach/take exams for Marshals, but can also teach/ take exams for Troop Leaders and scouts
  • Position can be taken, like regular Mentors after taking an exam in teaching skill and holding the rank of Strategos.
  • Gets a Monthly grant of 50 gold.


  • Teaches troop leaders and scouts and takes exams.
  • A mentor position can be requested by any Marshal after taking an exam in teaching skill taken by a Master.
  • Gets a monthly grant of 25 gold


  • Highest student grade
  • These are taught by the masters of the academy, know everything the academy can teach them and are ready to fur fill the role of a mentor and eventually master. An exam is required to be taken by a master of the guild.


  • Taught to become a military Leader, educated in basic individual and overall strategy to be able to function in a leading role in Fallangard.
  • Marshals are educated by Masters and sometimes Mentors or self study, exams are taken by a Master or Mentor Strategos.

Troop leader

  • Taught to become a wise and tactful troop leader, ready to command there units along the panther claw army members.
  • Will move as one with the army and form the backbone of its success. Has learned the final details of successful unit management and overall efficiency in combat
  • Required to be able to command at least 40 men and an exam from a mentor.


  • Passed first exam as students and become a scout for the panther claw army immediately putting to use what the noble just taught.
  • Knows the basic things and how to maintain and keep there unit safe.
  • Reserved for inexperienced nobles who cannot command at least 40 men, will mostly be sent ahead with small units to scout.
  • Taught and tested by Mentors.


Any new member joining the academy. Foreigners have to pay 100 gold per month increasing by 25% every time they rise in rank.

Exam Standards

Exams are made by individual Mentors or Masters of the Academy upon there judgement according to the directions of the Head Master. However these are the standard guidelines for each Rank of what an exam is ought to test. An exam is always taken by a Mentor or Master(depending on the case) who has not taught the student himself.


  • Requirements: Mentor Strategos rank and taught and or took the exam for 3 nobles.
  • Masters get appointed by the Head Master from the available experienced Mentor Strategos.


  • Requirements: Marshal Rank
  • Mentors are already well educated noblemen, with the Rank of Marshal at-least and have had fair experience in the Academy. The Exams for Mentors focus on there learning skills taught by there Master and or picked up them selves. They will have to write sufficient educative literature for a neutral Master to approve his competence and potential as a good teacher. The educative literature could be a method for a scout or a troop leader to efficiently learn how to pass the test and become well in his or her future tasks.


  • Requirements: Marshal/Mentor Rank
  • Strategos are taught by masters how to win wars, the art of war itself.
  • Their exam is one final conversation with another Master and the Head Master.
  • They are taught about the grander scale of things, how realms at large work and are depended of what, how to better understand your enemy and the diplomatic situation, and always broaden your view in order to breed the perfect strategy. Along many protocols your suspected to think of your self and improvise, the exam will focus on your thesis, a Military plan for Fallangard in its current state or in a fictive state of war with another realm or realms of choice. Convince the Master and Head Master taking your exam that your plan will make Fallangard better, victorious or otherwise more successful then it's point of origin. They will also ask questions about your further knowledge


  • Requirements: Troop leaders Rank
  • Marshals are taught to become commanders and have to learn many aspects of warfare and leadership.
  • They are examined the following (with 10% questions from a troop leaders exam)
    • Exam contains 25 questions with many case questions(cases, examples).
    • Region Maintenance and region mechanics, how to take or govern a region or destroy it, what effects what.
    • How to lead an army and issue clear orders in time, how to keep constant focus from your army members and keep morale and responsiveness with discipline high. Dealing with less responsiveness and disobedience.
    • How to fight against what enemy, basic field strategy, army composition depended strategies and the use of formations.
    • Complex effects, like overkill, the use of archers, fortification defence or assault and the conditions of defending or attacking a region(using fortifications or not)

Troop leader

  • Requirements: Rank of Scout or a student able to command 40 men(experienced nobles can directly take this exam)
  • Troop leaders are the Full members of the Panther Claw Army and command 40 or more men and are fully educate to serve as the perfect troopleaders of any army.
  • They have to be tested on the following (along with some elements from a scouts exam):
    • Exam contains ~10 questions
    • Basic strategies, formations and unit roles and behaviour on the battlefield (overkill, morale, cohesion, etc)
    • Armies, amphibious assault and the war chest ( what does the war chest fund, how to plan an amphibious assault
    • Looting and takeovers and basic region statistics (how stats can be affected by the actions of units)
    • Advanced efficient unit and paraphernalia management
    • Troop leader skills (leadership sword fighting etc) and how they effect there unit.


  • Requirements: Rank of Student/Aspirant
  • Scouts are less experienced nobles who cannot yet command a unit of 50 men the students who are examined on the following:
    • Exams contain ~10 questions
    • What Estates are and how to get one suited for your abilities.
    • Basic unit upkeep, how to manage it and how to pay your men on time, bonds, banks and gold
    • Basics of Travel, getting from a to b as planned.
    • Unit and withdraw settings and behaviour on battlefield.
    • Basic Hierarchy, who is in charge of what in Fallangard and how to adress whom for what
    • Communication Responsibility, report and communicate any change in your abilities
    • The basic laws and duties of every noble in Fallangard. (by taking this exam you agree to have understood the laws of the realm)
    • How to use scouts and how to read and share scout reports
    • How to understand and execute orders and how to react on rogue spawn by the realms military protocol against Monsters and Undead (see attack protocols, basically move out and report arive next turn with correct settings).
    • Different Classes and noble skills

The Panther Academic Library

Containing all gathered literature along its own additions which is used by Mentors and Masters as well as students. These will contain all the sources of information needed to learn what is required for the academy's students divided in categories by rank.

Basic knowledge for Scouts

Basic Knowledge for Troop leaders

For Marshals and Strategos