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Located on::East Continent
Part of::Eponllyn
Part of::Northern Eponllyn
Alarin Castillo
is regiontype::Rural
North Plains
Farming, Fishing

Region Description

Neighbouring the Morsh River (the local name for it) and the Mountain of Evora, Morshes is largely a rural region. In wars past Morshes was a battlefield. In peace time Morshes is a contributing region to the food share of the Realm.

Visiting Morshes, you may see farmers cultivate the plains and market their products in small villages. An interesting note, the fishermen of Morshes developed a unique technique in the way they fish in the river. They secure step ladders in the centre of the river and sit on them with their fishing rods. This way they catch the biggest fish in the middle of the river while not getting caught in the rushing current.

The peasants of Morshes serve in all three martial talents: archery, infantry and cavalry. They are also scouts, healers, cart builders, banner manufacturers and traders.

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Sacred Graveyard of the Paladins

This region reveres the fallen of the Order of Sacred Battle.

  • Here lies the heroes Lord Keltin Fuor and King Armstrong Ironsides.

Visitors Impressions

"A nice rural region next to the magnificient clear mountain water river called by the locals as Republican River, Morshes is a rural region of Fontan on East Continent. Peasant there are really nice and enjoying their life."

-by Sakima Kain

"Traveling through Morshes Willy can see the red and green plains.The red is the blood of Fontanese and Oligarchian blood soaking the ground after the long bloody fight.Walking through the plains, the smell of death in the air.What a rotting stench,Willy's imagination runs wild at what this could be.Open up the can to discover a dead body or what is left of one. Blood is everywhere what a retched sight.Cut up really small by a razor sharp knife.The maggots infest it's disfigured face.Pus through your veins takes the place of blood. Decay settled in, bones began to crack.Willy walks away walking through the plains hoping not to see what he just saw again.The plains were green from there on out.The tree's leaves were just turning green.The children of a small town in Morshes just starting to come back out and play.As they don't worry of being attacked by anyone,no fighting going on in front of them.

- by Willy Cobain

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