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Order of Sacred Battle

OSB motto and sun.png
Continent: East Continent
Headquarters: Morshes
Active: July 1012 to Present
Allegiance: Church of Humanity
Patron: Saint Saerden the Hero of Brive
Battle Honours: * Lord Verdun Alumaani, slain in a duel by Grandmaster Armstrong in Commonyr, 8th April, 1013

Parallel to the Order of the Templar Brothers, the Order of Sacred Battle is a militant order comprised of heroes of the faith. The Order of Sacred Battle was announced by Lord Armstrong Ironsides in July 1012 and founded in August 1012 as a heroic military order in the Church of Humanity. It offers devoted heroes a place to combine their faith with their duty. It is a special contingent for heroes of the faith.

The headquarters of the Order is in Morshes, Westmoor. The headquarters serves both as a priory of the faith for the Paladins and as a location for the Paladins to centralize their coffers and military structure. Upon glorious death, a Paladin is buried in the sacred cemetery nearby the guildhouse in Morshes. This cemetery is considered hallowed grounds for pilgrims of the Order and the Church. It is a sacred site consecrated by the blood of heroic Paladins who died in service of the Divines and its Church.

The Order of Sacred Battle reveres Saint Saerden as its patron saint.

An Instrument of Combat

Paladins believe that martial piety is the surest way to union with the Divine in life and in death. As members of the Church, Paladins are expected to follow the 12 Tenets and the Code of Chivalry. In addition, they also follow a set of values specific to the objectives of the Order.

1) I will revere the Saints and heroes who fell before me.
2) I will respect all opponents, for without martial opposition we have no opportunity to worship.
3) I will consider the defense of my brothers and sisters of the faith my personal responsibility.
4) I will consider the defense of our temples and shrines my personal responsibility.
5) In accordance to the beliefs of our Church, I will wield my sword and arrow until I earn glorious death.

A Pillar of Glory

“A paladin’s strength is measured by their actions both in what they do and in reply to the things the Divinities do to them.”

The Paladins of this Order celebrate their glory by use of the Code of Battlefield Honours. Through it, the Paladins are ranked and measured by earning decorations.

Joining the Order

To join the Order of Sacred Battle you must first prove that you are a hero and second you must swear the Oath to your brothers and sisters of the Order. Only members of the Church and heroes who will pay their guild dues may join.

Oath of a Paladin of Humanity

"I wed my life and soul to the Church of Humanity. In service to the Order of Sacred Battle I shall engage my enemies of faith be they physical or spiritual. Just as I have declared myself a hero, committing my life to the path of war and glory, so to will I declare myself a Paladin and commit my soul to martial piety. In the steps of Saint Saerden before me, I am an instrument of the Divine and am wielded on the battlefield. On my honour and glory, this I pledge."

The Paladins of Humanity

Heroes of the Church who have taken their Oaths. These are the sworn Paladins of Humanity:

Grandmaster icon.png

1st Lord Armstrong Ironsides, Grandmaster of the Order, glorified in single combat in Salta, 1st August, 1013

2nd Sir Keltin Fuor, first to take the Oath (July 1012), glorified in battle against Sirion and Nivemus forces in Commonyr, 7th April, 1013.

3rd Sir Balthazar Mirminsky the second to take the Oath (July 1012), emigrated from East Continent.

4th Sir Ravier Nebehn took his Oath third (September 1012)


  • Morshes - Priory Command, Sacred Cemetery for fallen Paladins; built by Grandmaster Armstrong Ironsides in August, 1012
  • Westmoor - Priory; built by Paladin Ravier Nebehn in March, 1013
  • Oligarch - Priory; built by Grandmaster Armstrong in April, 1013

Holy Graveyard of Morshes

  • Brother Keltin Fuor, the First Paladin, killed as a hero by Lord Verdun Alumaani.
  • Brother Armstrong Ironsides, the Fallen King, killed as a hero in single combat against Lord Malakai Wolf.
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