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Lady Kureshtal Qattara VonRavenHeart was the Lady of Earth, Royal Consort, and Treasurer of Wetham for many years. She went missing, presumed dead, in the chaos after the fall of Wetham. It is unknown if she was killed by enemies, took her own life, or met some other tragic end.


Since the death of her husband, Kureshtal appeared almost ghostly herself. She rarely spoke, and when she did, her words often did not make sense to the listener. She ceased to make public appearances. Rumor is that she had lost her sanity.


The region of Hulaferd was very important to Kureshtal. She has served as countess there on two occasions and is well respected by the people there. She was dedicated to defending them. She eventually stepped down as Countess of Hulaferd so she could focus her energy on banking. For a while she used the extra time to try to track down a secret cookie stash left by one of Wetham's former kings, but she has since given up finding it.

She used to have large estate in Hulaferd, called Serenus Vigeo, which was the site of her wedding reception. Now it is just a ruin, and the garden she worked so hard on has grown unkempt and is reclaiming the land. She had devoted much of her personal wealth into importing rare and beautiful varieties of flowers, many of which now grow wild in the area.

Via of Filiolus

The church of Via of Filiolus was founded in Wetham and Lady Kureshtal was an avid member. She built a temple in Hulaferd (now destroyed) and helped to fund the temple construction in Wetham city. She has earned the rank of Elder within the church. Kureshtal believes in the power of the church to keep Wetham united and strong.

The Family

The Family is quite scandalized by Lady Kureshtal and the choices she has made with her personal life. She would surely be disowned, if it were not for her two daughters. The family would like one or both of them sent home to be made the heir to the family's estate, since it appears Lady Kureshtin will not be having any.

Early History

She grew up in the desert of Atamara and would often disappear into the sands, seeking to be alone with her camel and her thoughts. When she grew older her family pressured her with responsibilities and duties, so she slipped away on ship to Colonies. She has joined the peaceful realm of Wetham, for she did not desire battle, only solitude.

She spent her early career doing civil work in Hulaferd and the contact with simple commoners has shaped her views on life. She pledged her service to the people there, but was unsure of her role. She fought the undead, helped to put out a fire in a granary, and arrested several suspected rebels.

People in Kureshtal's life:


Lady Annalise is Kureshtal's niece, lady-in-waiting, and good friend. After the death of King Wolfgang, Annalise took over all of Kureshtal's duties and correspondence.


Lady Kureshtal had great respect for Sir Atticus ever since she arrived in Wetham. She has supported him as King, High Marshal, and various other roles within Wetham.


Lady Kureshtal was very close friends with Sir Chault and his death was difficult for her. They had spent much time together in Hulaferd, as they both shared a love for that region. Long after his death she would visit his grave when she needed someone with whom she could talk freely.


Claudius Edward VonRavenHeart was born less than a year after the wedding. Though he was the middle child, Kureshtal made sure he received as much attention from her as his more demanding brother and sisters. After spending his early childhood with his mother, Cladius was sent to be a squire for his Uncle Edward. He now has his own career on Dwilight.


Elijah is Kureshtal's oldest son, and twin brother of Kurecalle. He spent his early childhood with Kureshtal before being sent to be a squire for Sir Wasylis. After disappearing for a few years, Elijah briefly led a unit in Wetham before joining the Assassins. Since then he has disappeared and she does not know what has happened to him.


Lady Gabrielle was a good friend to Lady Kureshtal and attended her in her wedding. However, the two have not spoken since the Countess left Wetham.


Kureshtal was greatly impressed by Hadubrand, who revolted with his region from the Assassins to Wetham. She feels he placed great trust in them in doing so, and they let him down when the region was taken back during a badly timed rebellion. He was captured while defending Hulaferd and deported to the Far East. He had a mission he was set on, and she took it up in his stead.


Hulaferd was briefly taken over by the Assassins. During the take over she was captured by the enemy. Their Judge let her sit in a cell for a few days before taking her money and setting her free. He gave her a personal invitation, so she challenged him to a duel, which he refused. She is holding on to the invitation to use at another point in time. After a second trip to the assassin dungeon she began to consider Innocent a friend. After many letters they became quite close. Following his ascent as Dictator their friendship became strained and eventually broke altogether.

Recently rumors have been flying that they had more than just a friendship, but nothing has been confirmed.


Kurecalle Dahlia VonRavenHeart is Kureshtal's oldest daughter, and twin sister of Elijah. Kurecalle served as a squire for Lady Vidara, and one day abruptly left the realm for a short while. Upon returning she was a changed woman, but led a unit of cavalry in Wetham for a few years. Kurecalle left Wetham to join her brother Claudius in Dwilight.


Kurespera Gwendolyn VonRavenHeart is Lady Kureshtal's youngest child. She has her mother's legendary beauty, but with the VonRavenHeart bright red hair, which makes for a stunning combination. Kurespera has always been a little odd, saying and doing things that cannot be easily explained, but she is loved and adored by her family. After studying with Father Kavish she became a priestess.


Kurewylle is Lady Kureshtal's cousin. They were good friends in childhood, but when Kurewylle came for Kureshtal's wedding, they discovered they no longer had anything in common.


Lady Kureshtal was appointed Royal Treasurer of Wetham by King Sasuke. At first she accepted the job simply because it needed to be filled. It took her a long time to learn the skills needed for the job, but now the tasks come to her as easily as breathing. Though he is not often seen in Wetham anymore, Kureshtal will always be grateful to Sasuke for placing faith in her and getting her started on her career.


Shortly after the birth of the twins, Lady Kureshtal married Lord Wolfgang Constantine VonRavenHeart, King of Wetham. The announcement came as a surprise to everyone in Wetham, as their relationship had not been known before that. During their long marriage, Kureshtal was fanatically loyal to her husband. She has not yet accepted his death, though it was many years ago.


Lady Vidara was a friend and colleague of Lady Kureshtal. Kureshtal was insistent on Vidara becoming Arch Priestess of Wetham and also entrusted Vidara with taking Kurecalle as a squire.