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Quotes from #battlemaster @ quakenet

July 20, 2010

[11:12] <+Lauren> time to go beat up my boyfriend
[11:12] <+Kitanali> >.>
[11:12] * +Kitanali wonders if she should hand Lauren the baseball bat, or the squeaky bat.
[11:12] <+Miriam_office> say a big thank you for him again
[11:13] <+Lauren> hah.... i will... sometime when i'm not so irritated with him
[11:14] <+Lauren> he should have been up like 2 hours ago...i've tried to wake him up multiple times.. and i've expressed my irritation already -_-
[11:14] <+Indirik> I would imagine that, if you get creative, you can think of some ways that will surely wake him up
[11:15] * +Kitanali votes for throwing ice packs at him. :D
[11:15] <+Lauren> i've thought about throwing stuff at him.. but that seems somewhat uncharacteristic for me
[11:15] <+Miriam_office> water
[11:15] <+Miriam_office> :p
[11:15] <+Lauren> anyway... time to go get angry
[11:16] <+Miriam_office> dont be Lauren, is not worthy
[11:16] <+Indirik> Don't get angry, get sexy.
[11:16] <+Lauren> lol
[11:17] <+Lauren> it's not worth it, or he's not worth it XD

April 1st 2010

[00:28] <}Kai{> wait is that the real tom?
[00:28]	<}Kai{>	nah, can't be
[00:28]	<}Kai{>	it's april fools
[00:28]	<_Tom_>	No, never. I just pretend to be me on the Internet.

January 2010

* +Stabbity kicks the door in and hugtackles Lauren
* +Andrew^ averts his eyes from this awkward scene
* +Lauren is hugtackled
* +Andrew^ sits down on Lauren's sofa and watches television, eating her food.
* +Stabbity sprawls out on Lauren's bed
* +Andrew^ changes all the radio presets on lauren's stereo and car stereo.
* +Andrew^ leaves the fridge open
* +Stabbity leaves his dirty laundry all over the room
* +Andrew^ thinks its awkward that stabbity took his clothes off, but ignores this..
* +Stabbity doesn't wash his dishes
* +Stabbity clogs the sink
* +Andrew^ plays baseball in the house and breaks 2 lamps and a window
* +Lauren moves out
* +Andrew^ follows
* +Stabbity does too
* +Andrew^ hopes Justin put clothes on first
<+Stabbity> we're preparing you for college life Lauren
* +Lauren ([email protected] Quit (Signed off)
<+Andrew^> She's not ready.

March 2010

March 18, 2010

[20:28] <Prat> I mean, what?
[20:28] <Prat> xD
[20:28] <Vita> haha
[20:29] <Vita> I think I'd prefer that to what you may not have originally mewant
[20:29] <Vita> if they are both jerking off, it at least means they are getting along.
[20:29] <Vita> despite the...awkwardness of the getting along.
[20:29] <Prat> Well you hope so :p
[20:29] <Prat> maybe getting along a little too well
[20:29] * Octavius has joined #battlemaster
[20:29] * Q sets mode: +v Octavius
[20:29] <Vita> well, what else would happen
[20:29] <Vita> masturbing towawrds each other?
[20:29] <Vita> to fight
[20:29] <Vita> "I'll cum on you before you cum on me!"
[20:30] <Prat> honestly if a cop pulls someone over and starts masturbating with them, i probably have even less confidence in that cop than if they're just jerks and wave their gun around or something
[20:30] <Prat> between waving their gun and waving their penis, i''ll take the gun
[20:30] <Vita> this is going to be quoteworthy an\drew
[20:30] <Prat> :p
[20:30] <Vita> and you['ll yet again want the topic to be open
[20:30] <Vita> but
[20:30] * Vita would rather take the penis.
[20:30] * Prat whines a little about not being able to put that in the topic
[20:31] <Octavius> clearly i chose the wrong time to join the channel
[20:31] <Octavius> bye
[20:31] <Vita> you could put it in Quotes, but I'll make damn sure its in context.
[20:31] <Octavius> :p
[20:31] * Octavius has quit IRC (Signed off�)
[20:31] <Vita>
[20:31] <Prat> I guess if its just waving around, I'd take the gun, but if it comes down to firing at me, I'd have to go with the penis, though only because its the lesser of the 2 evils

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