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"There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable."

(IMPORTANT 1: In some certain cultures, artistic pictures that include any kind of nudity even if they are widely considered as Art in the Western World, can be insulting, provocative or even forbidden. So if you are underaged or resident in a country with similar legal restrictions or cultural tradition you should skip this page and the relevant links. Soon a Censored page will be added for you, but until then just skip the individual pages. Thank you.

IMPORTANT 2: As far as it concerns the Copyright of the pictures, you should be aware that this page wasn't created for commercial purposes or to harm the copyright Holders in any possible way -Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, Larry Elmore and others where specifically mentioned. These images, like the vast majority of the images used in Wiki pages, are uploaded and exposed for use within the community, for recreational purposes only and in some cases as parodies of well known personalities or comic and book heros.

CENSORED MATERIAL: If you want a CENSORED version of the pages because you think that you will be offended click the relevant links after each Deity.)

==Introduction to Gymnistism==


Greetings dear child,

You have entered the Holy Temple of Gymnistism, the religion that was born at the sandy and sunny beaches of Avamar Selective. Where the people enjoy themselves without frontiers, making love, swimming in the friendly Chaos Sea, partying all night long and generally enjoying every aspect of life.

Those who follow us must have the strength to face the naked and often cruel truth in the eye and stand "naked" in front of the Eyes of the Goddesses. Remember! The Goddesses aren't offended by your body!

How to Get Started Being Naked

It's simple. There's really only one step, which costs nothing and requires very little time:

Take your clothes off! Yes my child, take your clothes off. And by clothes we don t mean only those that cover your body, but those that cover your heart and mind as well.

Faith my child is a big word. Do you believe? Are you certain you believe? Certainty, in fact, is not fertile ground for spiritual growth. It is only when we are seeking and searching that we are “open” to new truths. Some of the worst things that have been done by humanity have been (and are still being) done by those who have been absolutely sure they were absolutely right! Those with war ideals for example, dressed up like saviours of the World and convinced they apply Justice when the naked truth would prove them as murderers! But what are they without their shinning armours? Naked, as you my child!

Our Church believes in Freedom, in Justice, in Democracy! In Love and Peace! And our beloved Goddesses stand for every single one of them!

Welcome to the Church of Gymnistism!

Release yourself from any kind of clothing your body and soul wear.


Our Church praises the three Great Goddesses: Freedomia,Democratia and Lustia (The censored version of the above Godesses is here and here).

These are the Three Sisters that came to life from the body of The One Great Master Ottom (Which is also available Here in a censorship-friendly mode).

The Three Sisters are the Protectors of the People. There are dozens of minor Deities and Semi-Goddesses that enrich the Pantheon of Gymnistsism. The key to get the blessing of all is only one: Nudity

Many will hurry to call us heretics, or perverts! But a naked body can't hurt anyone! The People must accept who they really are and must have the strength to stay naked infront of anyone with only weapon their sensuality and their pure feelings. Evil or Good it doesn't matter, just stand naked, honest and truthful!

Our Church stands for Freedom, Justice, Democracy, Peace, Love, Equity and Nudism! Besides,in front of the eyes of the Gods we are all naked, no clothing or mask can hide who we really are. It's time that we decide to stand naked in front of Them and face their Judgement and through their punishment find the path to purification.

The principles of our religious order strictly forbids forceful convertions of followers. Only voluntarily, People, can see the naked Truth! No power, Divine or Human, can force the People to a certain belief.

Priestesses of Gymnistism pray to a Lustia's shrine.
Note, that they are all heavily dressed as a foreign ambassador is present to the ceremony

The Pantheon of Gymnistism

There are countless major and minor Deities that the followers of Gymnsitism praise. All, or most of them, are linked to a point with The One Great Master Ottom (Censored version of Ottom.

Namely we mention the most important personalities of Gymnistism's Pantheon. Feel free to seek for more information on them.

Major Goddesses

Freedomia is the Goddess of Freedom. Those who were blessed enough to see her, said that she bares marks in her both hands from the chains of God Ottom. Moreover her face and body is full of hideous scars made by those Gods and mortals that hated and oppressed her due the eternity. But finally Freedomia was set free after seducing her captors and now reigns in the blessed Island of Avamar Selective. Freedomia fights for the freedom of speech of all the People. Everyone has the right to speak up his mind and opinion, everyone is responsible for his actions and everyone is competent for his own affairs. Freedomia stands for the view that very rarely those that lead are the ones that should decide as well. Becoming Her Follower will make you an eternal warrior of Freedom.

Democratia is the Goddess of equal chance and value for everyone. Not only you must have the right to speak freely but your opinion must have the same value as everyone's else. In the Church of Gymnistism and in the Island of Avamar Selective, your opinion and vote shall be valued as equal even with the Pontifex himself. Becoming Her Follower will make you an eternal Warrior of Democracy.(if you are shy check this version of Democratia)

Lustia is the Goddess of Love and unstopabble Lust. Because life isn't just speaking and voting! Lustia is here to remind this to the People. No war, no pain, no suffer and no government can take away your sensuality and thirst for love. Trust yourself in her hands and you will enter the Realm of hedonism. Becoming Her Follower requires constant (daily) participation to activities that praise what she represents. (Lustia for minors can be found here)

Democratia -holding a tamed Lion, symbol of her power to ease even the wildest creatures-
Lustia and Freedomia protects the People with some help from Timoria and Galaktika

Lesser Goddesses, Minor Deities and Semi-Goddesses

Justicia is the Goddess of Justice, daughter of Democratia (Democratia became pregnant due to parthenogenesis). She fights for Justice, often in close co-ooperation with her Mother and her Aunts or with lesser Goddesses. It is said that She is always fair but She doesn't hesitate to chop the heads off injust, dishonourable and ignoble people. Strangely enough, Justicia is not very popular among the Islanders, as She is the Guardian Goddess of Lawyers and Judges.

Conan the Dancing Queen is the Semi-God (?) of All Strange Things. He is "son" of Lustia and a mortal Barbarian. Conan is the only somehow "War" Deity as "He" protects the soldiers and men at arms by sacrificing himself in every battle.

Timoria the Punisher is daughter of Freedomia and of an unknown father (it is speculated that Freedomia became pregnant during her long captivity, so most probably her father is a God of another religion, one of those that kept Freedomia imprisoned for so long. Her only purpose is to take revenge from those that tortured her Mother.

Queen of the Horn-Owls is daughter and assistant of Timoria and Democratia(thus Grandaughter of Freedomia, niece of Conan and Justicia but also cousin and sister to them). She was born when Her Mothers united to one Being to withstand an assault made by the Deamon King with the Pointy Ears whose Name Shall Never Be Mentioned. Queen always appears accompanied by a flock of Horn-Owls, which are Her familiars. With her great Two-Handed Sword, She protects all those that travel or remain active at night. Usually she castrates bandits and other scums that dare to interfere with peaceful night travelers and guards. She is particularly cruel when she deals with Assassins working at the shadows or at night.

Avamarinus Prosfygus one of the oldest and most peculiar Minor Gods of unknown sex, appearence and origin. It has many followers though as it is the protector of all Refugees, Emmigrants, Exiled, Vagabonds, Wanderers and Homelesses

Sea Mistress Delaya. She is the Goddess of all waters. She is the favour deity of the Seafarers, Sailors and Infiltrators as she commands the seas and the weather and She can cause great travel delays to Her enemies or speed up the travels of Her followers. Delaya is worshipped by most Islanders.

Chaosia The Daughter of Chaos. She the semi-goddess of Chaos Sea and of all Chaotic Creatures that lurks beneath the endless water. Chaosia is daughter of Sea Mistress Delaya and a of a Sea Deamon. She often interfere to things outside Her Realm (particularly when she fancies a man, woman, animal or deamon that live on the Islands), causing chaotic situations, misunderstandings, arguments and disagreements. (Here is Chaosia for infants]]

Galaktika the Battlestar is the semi-godesses of the right hands of those fighting to protect their homes from inavders. Of the righ hand of course because usually it is also the swordhand. But in that case the left-handed warriors must look for another Guardian Angel!
(If might feel insulted by Galaktika's Nudity visit this page instead)

Indiana of Jones is the semi-godess of Nature. Her mother is Lustia and her father an Indian Adventurer, named Jones. (WARNING: For a "mild" version of Indiana you better see this)

Democratia with Her sisters and daughters waiting under the dark clouds
and getting ready to confront Ottom's Lightnings

Deamons, Other Entities et cetera

Deamon King with the Pointy Ears whose Name Shall Never Be Mentioned. He is generally a harmless egopathic Deamon, beaten up several times by various Godesses. His moment of glory was when Timoria and Democratia were united to one Being, giving birth to the Queen of the Horn Owls and then the three of them seduced the Deamon King almost to death.
(Censored Version))

The Happy Tree Sisters are three fairy-sisters, as their name indicates, who live inside the Trees. And of course they are very happy, as their only occupation is to make all travelers that rest under their branches happy as well.
A censored version of the Tree Sisters can be found HERE

County Jack of all Bubbevil is not actually a deity but merely the Chief Prophet of the Deadites dogma of Gymnistism. There had been a great argument between the Three Sister (note, not the TREE Sisters but the THREE Sisters and primal Godesses, namely Freedomia, Democratia and Lustia) about the legitimacy or not of the particular dogma as it refers to a pre-gymnitism entity that was worshiped in Ancient Times before even the Islands were emerged from the deep see (it was an underground cult). However during the debate between the Godesses, Justicia appeared and teamed up with Democratia supporting the Deadites in the name of Equity.

Official Stance of Gymnistism Towards Other Religions

Currently there are 7 religions in East Continent.

The Church of the Holy Sacred Grove is without a question an evil cult. The fact that its gods are worshipped by non-humans makes everything crystal clear. ELVES are the creatures that pray on fake idols, hoping to bring destruction and death to all humanity. If we add the well-known fact that Elves are the most conservative, puritan and asexual humanoids on the world AND the evidence that they enjoy so much deception, slaughtering and war, then we can undesrtand why the NAKED TRUTH that Gymnistism represents can't be blindfolded in front of such crime! May Justicia and Timoria take care of their black hearts.

Light of Fontan is a reigion quite close to Gymnistism. Although they haven't seen the TRUE light, we can't underestimate teh fact that they have obviosuly taken glimpses of it. Their Universal Perspective of the World and their Love for the Powers of Nature is another common element of the two religions. Finally their Gods are considered as variations of the Godesses of Gymnistsism (some sages suggest that they could simply be manifestations of the same Deities) as they represent mutual values and virtues (justice, truth and the absolute Light that makes everything visible and uncovers everything to the eyes of the Divine Powers).

Church of Ibladesh is another variant of Gymnistsism as the Priestesshood has concluded. Their Gods are DIRECTLY linked to the Pantheon of Gymnistsism and there are evidences that they refer to the very same Powers that rules the world. Justice, Wisdom, Creativity, Love. With other words... Justicia, Freedomia, Democracia, Lustia and the rest of the company under a different name and possibly differentaited Avatars.

Dunkontology. There are little known for this strange cult. So, for the time being Gymnistsism simply Ignores it

Flow of the Balance. They are misguided! Although they share some common beliefs with us and with Light of Fontan, they have certainly lost their way to divinity... It is petty cause they really had a chance to save their mortal souls.

The Triumvirate. Nothing is known about them. Thus Ignore is our stance.

Church of Humanity. An evil church! Full of lies and deception! They pretend that they stand for "4. Take action to diminish suffering, and advance happiness" and "5. Resources that belong to every one must be protected." and "7. Recognize the debt to past and future generations." and "8. Stand up for these principles and defend your beliefs." and finally "9. Protect the weak and helpless." while in practice they are doing exactly the opposite! They stand for suffering and bring misery as they support offensive wars in destructive scales! The resources are depleted because of such wars and whole Islands are utterly turned to dust with the blessings of this evil church! They give their blesses to the strong and curse the valliant weak that dares to defy the mere strength of the destructors! They don't give a single pray to the debts of the current generation to the future, as what they will deliver to them will be a scattered country and a completely deserted Island. This Church is only a farce and a blasphemy, full of the worst kind of lies! What they deserve is a flaming stake. The only way to release their souls from eternal suffering!

Ranks of Gymnistism

There are 16 Order Ranks of "Gymnistism" in Total. Although equality amongst ranks is absolute according to Democratia's teachings, there are certain charcateristics that differentiate each one from the other. You can click on each rank to get more information

Senior Members

Prophet of Gymnistism
Archbishop of Ottom
Diakon of Lustia
Matriarch of Freedomia
Arch-Priest of Democratia


Divine Orgy Organiser
Blessed Orgy Participant
Master of the Angus Dei
Saintly Leather Worshiper
Wrath of Conan
Holy Exhibitionist
Diaconate Hedonovlepus


Devoted Chalice


Take off your clothes and remember:

All things are completely naked and widely opened in front of the eyes of the Goddesses