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Religion based in the realm of Yssaria. It was founded by Denver who discovered the truth about the true identity of the one god: Dunkontion.

Dunkontology disappeared in early 2009, when the last remaining temple of Dunkontolgy, in Isadril, was destroyed after the fall of Tuchanon V.


Otherwise known as "The One" he is the only true god. The name of the religion is derived from his name. He gave man the gift of life and brought the Doughnut on to this world in order to bring joy to man's life. He also gave man the gift of reincarnation.

The Doughnut


Arkon and Elthon



New Year's Day

Creation Day

Church Positions

Aspirant Ranks

Follower - Someone who follows the religion of Dunkontology and believes in Dunkontion the one true god.

Full Member Ranks

Scribe of the Doctrine - A follower who has shown dedication to "The One" above and beyond normal expectations. A scribe is one who spreads the faith among people close to him/her, donates to the local temple, or contributes to the faith in other ways (such as eating lots of Doughnuts).

Prophet - A scribe who has shown dedication to "The One" above and beyond what is expected of a scribe. He tries to convert not only those around him but also the general population at large (although this is only a side activity compared to his main occupation). Although he is not a priest he studies the ancient religious texts and is steadfast in following the rules of Dunkontion. He also eats more Doughnuts than the average scribe.

Enlightened One - A follower who has been in close contact with Dunkontion or another of his assistants. This close contact can be via, vision, miracle, avatar, etc. An enlightened member is the highest full member postion one can become without being a full priest. As Dunkontion usually stays hidden from normal mortal's view only the most dedicated followers become enlightened. These followers usually preach regularly, contribute generolsly to the religion (in both girth and gold), and often have theological debates (while eating Doughnuts of course) with other followers. They are priests in all but title and occupation.

Priest -

Other Religions

Light of Fontan - misguided (reason pending)


January 5th, 2007 - Mr.murder, a loyal priest of Dunkontology, was the target of an attempted assasination while preaching in the region of Winkamus. While he was not killed he was seriously wounded. Anyone with any information on who is responsible for this blasphemous assasination could you please come forward. Thanks.

Che DeVesta, Prophet of Dunkontology

January 9th 2007 An investigation is being held by myself Denver Donivan and an inquisition council is being set up for matters such as this regarding the unlawful assult on Mr.murder.

The council will include all three founding members and such members as will be set by the founders to the position of inquisitor.

Denver Donivan, Founder and Priest of Dunkontology

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