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Consists of Eireka


The father of the family, after being a loyal servant and commander in Rancagua for quite some time, Rancagua died, and he moved to Beluaterra, and found himself at home in Old Grehk where he was appointed marquess after about two weeks.

Eirik II The last son in the family, the only one who did not choose to stay in Rancagua as a paladin, he moved to the Far East to Batesaor where he had a great and happy life for a long time, but after some time, the city of Ortedail seceeded from Soliferum to form the Grand Lodge of Lunaria and his honour demanded him to go to the new land, to help them survive. When he first arrived there were hard fightings, fortunately it ended with a peace treaty.

Few weeks later, he was appointed Judge of GLoL, and later Ruler.


1. Ignore the game mechanic's age of my chars, they don't fit the RPs *at all* 2. no bullying of mooses, or destroying anything here please.

todo list:

  • add the things I promised to add a couple a months ago,
  • Eireka's history (has been started),
  • Eirik's history,
  • Moose cavalry (really just copying and adding links, tell how it was created and how it relates to Eirik),
  • Eirik II's time in LoA,
  • Eireka's time in Fontan, KI and Perdan.
  • Death of Eirik II,
  • Eirik III/Eirekus born.