The Path of Chivalry

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Founded in Oritolon during The Long War against the theocracies of Alowca and Alebad as a response to the increased influence of these realms' aggressive and punitive religions The Path of Chivalry is a religion that promotes the noble virtues of truth, honour and justice and encourages freedom of worship for all faiths while fighting against the abuse of faith for personal or political gain.

The Path is not a theocratic religion so much as a philosophy based on the ideal of nobility of spirit.

Followers are free to worship whoever and however they wish, on the condition that such worship does not have a negative impact on others, though the use of faith to coerce, suppress, intimidate or control others is vehemently prohibited. The preaching of the virtues of truth, honour and justice are actively encouraged and faiths which proclaim an antipathy to those virtues is not likely to gain any favour from those who follow The Path. As most faiths at least claim to aspire to these virtues few worshippers are excluded from the shelter and protection that The Path provides.

Temples of 'The Path' are usually groups of buildings or other structures where followers are free to gather to celebrate whichever faith they belong to. The diverse needs of the many faiths that make use of these temples is catered for assiduously by priests of The Path.

The tenants of The Path require that all worship should be held in it's temples in order to promote tolerance and exchange of ideas and so that it's priests can ensure that the faithful, of whatever gods, are not abused by those they follow.

Though the name and the philosophy of The Path of Chivalry was first proposed by Baroness Erisha Da Hadez during discussions on founding a state religion in Oritolon, The Path of Chivalry was officially founded by a priest of the realm.