Alebad (Realm)

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Disambig gray.svg This article outlines the realm Alebad. For the region of Alebad, see Alebad.


Realm Map of Alebad.jpg
A map of Alebad.
Continent / Island Colonies
Capital Alebad
Largest City Alebad
Government System

Ardrryn Dynrode Windsoul
Cicero Faldrin
Craft Titanus
Ender Fate

Regions and Lords

Eugene II Woodford

Population 18492
Food Production 86 bushels
Troop Leaders 21
stats as of 22 May 2008

Alebad, the Golden City, stands upon the glittering shores of the east coast, having been established here by the first settlers in the Colonies. Upholding moral values to the utmost degree, our realm has stood against assaults from many realms who would have seen it subjected to their will. We pride ourselves on our refusal to bow to the greed and tyranny of other realms, rising up against them when they threaten our people and our way of life.

Alebad has no state religion, instead encouraging nobles to find their own faith and path to take, but many Alebadians follow a religion named Kamido. Anyone seeking the Kami should contact Exalted Herald, Lady Hikaru, or visit one of the temples in our lands.

Alebad prospers, guided by its Senate and its people, the white and gold towers of the palaces and noble houses of the city gleaming brightly and the Great Library seeing visitors from all over the world. Alebad is a realm of dedicated scholars and soldiers, some choosing to follow both disciplines. When you go into battle against those who oppress us, your standard held high and your heart strong with Alebad's core principles, alongside those who wear the red and gold, you may truly call yourself an Alebadian.


Past Events

Visit our magnificent library, and perhaps peruse through an archived edition of The Alebadian Rag.

Most Wanted List

  • Landroval -- Banned for disobeying orders. To be executed as a traitor if captured. Reparations set at 400 gold.
  • Drogo -- Banned for disobeying orders. To be executed as a traitor if captured. Reparations set at 400 gold.
  • Ali'i -- Banned for attempted assassination of the Pontifex. To be executed if captured. Reparations set at 500 gold.
  • Razer -- Banned for abandoning Alebad after a brief stay. To be deported if captured. Reparations set at 100 gold.
  • Tyrion -- Banned for sabotage in Abaka. To be executed if captured. Reparations set at 400 gold.
  • Tarajist -- Banned for the theft of the Golden Chalice and half the realm's coffers. To be tortured and executed if captured. Reparations set at 1500 gold.