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The Beginning

The War of Fontanese Aggression began with concerns over Fontan's unrelenting northern expansion. In its war on Sirion and Old Rancagua, Fontan took many regions and expanded greatly in size. Perdan and Caligus, worried about Fontan becoming too powerful, warned Fontan to stop their war-mongering, or face the consequences. Instead, Fontan created the Sultanate of Asena in the former Old Rancaguan city of Kazakh, sparking a war between the Sultanate and Old Rancagua & the Obsidian Islands. For Perdan and Caligus, this was the last straw. War was declared, and soon the whole northern East Continent was engulfed in conflict.

Both Perdan and Caligus made quick early gains in the war. Caligus took several of Fontan's southern regions, including Akesh Temple and the rural regions to the east of it. Perdan was able to capture and hold Troyes, Poitiers, Hagley, and eventually Westmoor city. With enough regions for a stable duchy ensured, a friendly secession was conducted by Duchess Evangeline and the realm of Westmoor was created.

Westmoor's Fight for Survival

As soon as Westmoor became a sovereign realm, Queen Evangeline offered peace to every realm on the East Continent, including Fontan. Fontan was the only realm to decline, stating its intention to keep fighting until Westmoor was destroyed. And so the war continued. Reflecting the continuing military operations, Westmoor signed official alliances with Perdan, Caligus, and Old Rancagua. Although Westmoor asserted neutrality in the war between the Sultanate of Asena and Old Rancagua, the Sultanate lowered relations with Westmoor from peace to neutral over Westmoor's allowing free passage to Perdan troops assisting Old Rancagua.

Westmoor continued to make some modest gains against Fontan, capturing Morshes and Dulbin. After much changing of hands and revolting, Bruck was also finally secured by Westmoor. Caligus managed to take Viseu, and Sirion was able to reclaim their territory in a great battle in Avamar.

At the same time as the military conflict was occurring, religious strife was also present in Westmoor. Many of Westmoor's region lords did not wish to see Fontan's religion, the Flow of Balance, present in their lands. Beginning in Hagley, Flow of Balance temples were closed causing much domestic unrest. In addition, priests of the Flow of Balance caused trouble within Westmoor's lands, most notably in Hagley. After many arrests, Queen Evangeline was able to reach a truce with the Flow of Balance whereby no Flow of Balance preacher was allowed to interfere in Westmoor's lands without consent of the region's lord.

A Final Push?

In a joint assault with Perdan and Sirion, Westmoor was able to capture Braga while Sirion took Montijo. This maneuver effectively split Fontan in two, separating their northern regions from their southern regions. Luckily for Fontan, a Flow of Balance preacher was able to gain control of Braga, while Fontan's armies recaptured Montijo. Westmoor's armies withdrew to Evora, which they managed to take relatively quickly.

At about the same time, Fontan's current ruler, Chancellor Katalynfae, expressed the desire to begin peace negotiations. The treaty she proposed was deemed too favorable to Fontan by many Westmoor nobles. While Westmoor has not worked out any concrete goals, Westmoor seeks to gain at least one more city from the war. Whether or not these negotations will lead anywhere or fall apart remains murky. For now, however, the war goes on.

Peace Treaty

Treaty ending Hostilities between Fontan, Caligus, Perdan, Westmoor. Signed 11 December 2008

Fontan - Caligus

  • Both realms will respect current borders as of 12-1-08. (1st Dec 2008)
  • Claims to any region held by the other party are officially withdrawn.
  • Caligus will sell food to Fontan at 20gold/100 bushels. Caligus will not be required to supply if it cannot feed itself first. Fontan will have priority for food supplies over any other realm after Caligus’ needs have been met.

Fontan - Westmoor

  • Fontan will transfer the regions of Oligarch and Greatbridge to Westmoor. Fontan shall have a period of no less than one month and not more than two months from the signing of the treaty to trnsfer Greatbridge and Oligarch to Westmoor.
  • Claims to any region held by the other party are officially withdrawn.
  • Fontan will announce to the continent that it officially recognizes Westmoor as a legitimate realm.


  • All realms agree to six months of peace, starting with the signing of the treaty by all parties. This clause is forfeit if another clause in the treaty is broken.
  • All realms agree that no parties will be allowed to pass through their lands if they mean to harm another party in the treaty. This shall mean the lands that each realm has control of at the signing of the treaty. Regions may not be transferred to another realm for the purpose of blocking or allowing passage of another party in this treaty into other realms.
  • At the end of the six months of peace, this treaty will be reviewed by all involved parties, and can be modified and lengthened.


If any of the above clauses are broken all other parties are required to immediately declare war on the party or parties who broke the agreement. At the discretion of the injured party or parties, a reasonable compensation payment proportionate to the breach can be demanded instead of satisfaction through arms, such to be paid within one month of the breach. This amount is to be agreed upon by a majority of all parties in the treaty.

Signatories listed below

Lady KatalynFae Dragul, Chancellor, Fontan

Lady Evangeline Uceek, Queen, Westmoor

Doombringer, King, Caligus

Sir Sangue ,King, Perdan