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  • I have decided to delete all previous comments on here since they were out of date and were taking up a lot of space. Instead I am going to summarise a few points for those who might still be wondering:
    • 1 The ASI Times was created and disbanded entirely by me alone. For those who think I can't do that: I'm sorry but I can. Since I was the sole member of the newspaper staff it's nobody's buisness but mine what I do with it. If anyone wants to restart it, please feel free, but its them and not me who should do the work
    • 2 The [Carelia Times], another newspaper founded by me is still running but i am no longer affiliated in it in anyway.
    • 3 I am affiliated with the [Oritolon Times] which I started and am currently editior of. For those who complained of my doing edits instead of minor edits I appologise. I now do full edits only when appropriate
    • 4 My chars no longer have their own pages, instead they are lumped together on the family page.
    • If there are no more issues that someone would like to raise then I'll stop. - [Antonine] 8th March 2008


Please make sure you organize your pages using subpages per the Style Guide. --Indirik 22:24, 14 March 2008 (CET)

Of course you can correct it. I try to do my best with english but some mistakes always happen. Thank you, by the way!