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Goal: Establishment of a 1984-style realm.


  • Presence of doublethink
  • Presence of crimethink and Thought Police (possibly via religion)


  • Father talks only to the council and foreign leaders
    • Father Knows Best, he Watches Out For You, Works Hard, Distant but Confident
  • Propoganda managed by MiniTruth, who remains nameless outside of those involved in 'The Truth'
    • 'The Truth' informs the citizens of what is going on.
  • 'The Party' is the religion worshipping the state, all citizens are required to be in 'The Party'

  • Nobles are citizens.
  • Lords/Dukes are Representatives

  • Knights, Cavaliers, and Heroes (Soldiers) belong to the Minidef
  • Infiltrators (Watchers) belong to the Miniluv
  • Mentors and Priests and some Bureaucrats (Rectors collectively) belong to the Minitrue
  • Some Bureaucrats and Traders (Buros, Sanctas) belong to the Miniplen
  • Adventurers are referred to as Proles, second class citizens not worthy of The Party.

Thanks to Baatarsaikhan

Rules and Punishment

  • All letters end with "Glory to Father."
    • 50 gold donation
  • Insulting The Party
    • 50 gold donation, rehabilitation
  • Rebellion
    • Extended rehabilitation
  • Ignoring 'requests'
    • 50 gold donation
  • Asking too many questions
    • Might be an indicator of disloyalty to The Party. Should probably be sent to rehabilitation.
[[Image:|Location of Oberon]]
Continent / Island Dwilight
Capital N/A
Largest City N/A
Government System

Minister of Defense
Minister of Truth
Minister of Plenty


Region Numbers
Population ()